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Womens Running Short

Womens Running Short

Business Loans for Women: Giving Women Entrepreneurs the Awaited Thrust

Author: Steve c clark

With the number of women taking up business as profession growing day by day, lenders have come up with a special type of loan for women running their own ventures. Named as business loans for women, these aim at helping women start a new venture or flourish an existing one. This loan can be availed in two forms namely secured and unsecured business loans for women.


Business loans for women can be availed by women who want to start a new venture, invest in an existing one or buy equipments. Business loans for women are of two types secured and unsecured. If you want to go for a secured business loan for women, you’ll have to put one of your assets as collateral against the loan amount. This will help you avail loan at lower interest rate. To avail an unsecured business loan for women, you don’t need collateral. But the interest rate for unsecured loans is higher because the lender is taking risk by advancing a loan without any security. With business loans for women you can easily avail an amount as high as £1, 00,000. The loan amount depends upon many factors, value of collateral, type of venture you are about to start or the cash flow of your existing business. The interest ranges from 7% to 30%. Business loans for women are offered with very flexible repayment period that ranges from 3 – 30 years. Certain documents are required to avail business loans for women.


To avail a business loans for women some documents are required:

1. If you want o start a new venture

a) Business profile document – this document contains all the details regarding the type of business you want to start and what are your plans to make it profitable one.

b) Loan request document – this document should contain the details like the amount of loan you want to avail, and the repayment duration etc.

2. If you already own a business you’ll have to submit the financial statements of your business. Your financial statement should contain details regarding the cash flow, balance sheet etc.


You can visit bank and financial institutions in person to apply for business loans for women. Alternatively you can search Internet for the lenders providing business loans for women. You can choose between hundreds of lenders. Also applying through Internet is hassle free and consumes less time

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Womens Running Short

Womens Running Short

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