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Womens Nike Dry

Womens Nike Dry

Women’s Tennis Gear: the Perfect Gifts!

Author: Blair Stephens

Women’s tennis may have begun with polite outings in long white dresses but the modern tennis game spans from a fun social outing to a sport that demands strength, quickness, endurance, amazingly fine-tuned skills and everything in between. Finding the right equipment and apparel to match your style and needs is important for your comfort and your game. If you’re looking for something different in tennis wear for on and off the court, check out the Balle de Match clothing line- a great casual beach type look that can easily make the transition from on to off the court. Functional but with stylish flair, the Fila line of apparel combines performance fabrics and comfort to bring you the best in court clothing. Their simple lines and bold colors have transformed women’s tennis clothing. The Nike brand of women’s tennis clothing brings high energy and high performance with style. Combining performance features such as technology to provide ventilation and design lines famous for their captivating beauty to become a workout favorite Nike is a popular and versatile style. Tennis superstar Serena Williams has worn Nike tennis apparel and has lent her design sensibility to several pieces in their collection. These dynamic garments can give your game a surge of power.

Wilson’s W line for women provides tennis players with the style and comfort that they need for their game, with a full range of styles to choose from you won’t be bored. You can express your individuality on and off the court with Wilson’s Crystal, Fierce and Ocean lines. Wilson’s W line also features the famous UV/UVB protective clothing. It is always important to be protected from the rays of the sun whenever you go outside, now you can combine function and fashion in the best of both worlds.

With bright, modern styles Adidas brings you the best in fashion and function with cutting edge technology such as ClimaCool. Success on the court is demanding, but Climacool keeps you cool and comfortable while performing at your peak in even the hottest conditions Adidas also offers special technology in many of their clothes that provide UV protection. Looking for something with more classic lines? The Reebok women’s brand of tennis apparel uses simple detailing to bring a touch of elegance to your tennis apparel. Reebok has also pioneered the Play Dry technology. Play Dry technology provides moisture management and wicking properties for the active tennis player, keeping you dry and cool, and the reflective logo enhances visibility. The Under Armour brand brings the ultimate clothing for training on those cool days. Under Armour Metal technology pushes moisture to the fabric’s surface, where evaporation pulls it from the body keeping the player dry and warm in the most adverse conditions.

However, when protocol or tradition demands it, the classic line of women’s tennis apparel from Boast offers comfort and style. From public courts to country clubs, the classic tailoring and no-nonsense styling of this line is as appropriate today as it’s ever been. These are court & sport wear outfits look great on and off the court – Perfect for your everyday active lifestyle. Tennis rackets have also evolved as the game as become more and more popular among women. Whether you are a top-level athlete or a weekend warrior there is a racquet designed with you in mind.

The W line by Wilson has the tennis racket you need when you would like to express your personal style. This comprehensive line of racquets designed specifically for women, was created with input from female athletes. Wilson has combined nCode technology with new racquet construction and specific features geared to the women’s game. Tied to the Wilson Hope charity efforts, for every purchase from the W line, Wilson makes a donation to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All W line models support Wilson’s HOPE efforts to benefit the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. This line of tennis racquets includes nine designs, divided into three head sizes each with a different stiffness. These tennis rackets have a new fluid, oval head shape with longer main strings for a larger sweetspot. Other features include Iso-Zorb grommets for reduced shock, a softer grip and a contoured butt cap, all of which offer greater comfort. These rackets also feature a new throat design creating greater strength and stability. Each of the tennis rackets comes in a variety of colors and graphics to allow a players individual personality to shine on the court.

Many sports have had products geared specifically toward women for years, but until now, the tennis industry has concentrated more on changing cosmetics than enhancing technology for women’s equipment. Not anymore! With Head’s new Women’s Series, women will benefit more than ever from innovative technology, products and design – everything competitive players expect from Head. Head interviewed thousands of women around the world to find out what they really want in a tennis racquet. That way, before producing a single tennis racquet for this new line Head knew exactly what female tennis players expected: lightweight power, comfort and maneuverability. The Head Air Flow line, endorsed by Steffi Graf, is designed to be a “function over fashion” line of tennis racquets. This series is meant to suit the performance-oriented needs of a female player. Air Flow tennis racquets, featuring Head’s Metallix technology, combine a specially designed matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy to make it one of the lightest and strongest new rackets. The anatomical structure of the female hand is different from men’s and so the design of the tennis racket should reflect those differences. Positioned in the redesigned shaft section, Metallix reduces overall weight and improves the response and power of the racquet. The HEAD’s unique ergonomic grip is designed for a woman’s hand- thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom reducing twist and torque for more comfort and less strain on the arm. The result is superior handling and enhanced ball control.

The new DNX Attiva line by Volkl caters to those women tennis players with an aggressive and powerful game – just ask Dominika Cibulkova! These anatomically-designed tennis rackets will help you achieve your top performance. These new designs are light-weight, properly balanced, combined with additional performance and comfort features like: Catapult effect, Big Grommet, Sensor Plus Handle System and of course…the revolutionary DNX material. The Volkl Catapult technology allows greater string movement which provides increased comfort and a larger sweetspot with every swing of the racket. For supreme comfort, the Sensor Plus Handle System supplies excellent vibration and shock absorbance. DNX is a new unique material structure featuring high-strength micro tube construction that is 25 times stronger than regular carbon fibers. It is an entirely new material class whose properties represent the fourth dimension of carbon. DNX has strength characteristics that have never been reached before, a true break-through in material development, now exclusively available in the new DNX Racquet Series by Völkl Tennis. This line of tennis rackets was created especially for today’s women tennis players providing a selection of light, comfortable and easy to maneuver racquets. DNX Attiva provides the versatile strength you need to increase your on court potential.

Developed specifically with the female player in mind, the Dunlop M-Fil Lady has been enhanced with the Impact Shock Isolation System in the tennis racquet handle which dampens frame vibration and helps protect the arm from tennis elbow. Dunlop Hydramax Comfort grip features an exceptional tack feel for players who demand outstanding performance and maximum control. Dunlop has included its Multifilament Construction process at the 3 & 9 o’clock positions to further enhance the stability of this women’s tennis racquet. M-Fil (Multi Filament) is a technology, developed by Dunlop, that incorporates a unique patented 3D braiding process using a combination of three materials : Carbon, S-fiber and Magnesium. The added beam stiffness from the Multifilament Construction enhances the size of the sweetspot and helps prevent the tennis racquet from twisting on off center shots. These element are combined into the hitting zone at the racquet head to enhance the touch and feel of the racquet where and when you need it most – at the moment of ball contact. Unlike conventional racquets, the M-Fil fibers are layered in three directions, with the thrid fibre aligned at zero degrees. Additionally, Hotmelt technology produces a unique molten graphite skin which is layered over the entire racquet frame. This makes the racket immensely strong, durable and responsive, producing an incredible surge of 30% more “heat refined power” than standard graphite racquets. This enhances natural power play, producing greater shot accuracy and giving a more consistent touch and feel throughout the frame. This tennis racket is ideal for the competitor looking for a combination of control, comfort and power in a light-weight racquet.

In 1992 the Susan G. Komen For The Cure (Formerly the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation,) in conjunction with major cosmetics firms, launched the Pink Ribbon campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer. During the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month the Pink Ribbon campaign was launched nationally across America. Through the years the popularity of ‘Pink’ products in support of breast cancer awareness and research has increased. Today many manufacturers offer products with a Pink theme, often supporting their national and international organizations as well as their own breast cancer campaigns. There is now a wide selection of Pink tennis gear perfect for the tennis lover in your life. The Wilson ‘Hope’ tennis cap features a clean white hat with pink trim, and an embroidered pink ribbon with the word Hope stitched in black across the front. In 1998 Wilson launched the Hope campaign. With the Hope products, Wilson intends to raise awareness and get the word out to women everywhere that there are steps they can take to help prevent breast cancer. The packaging of the Hope tennis products includes important information on how to reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. Wilson’s women’s Wildcard sneakers are lightweight and ready to go out of the box. With breathe-ability and nice support this shoe is low to the ground, supportive and solid. The Wilson 3-racquet bag is the perfect accessory for the court. With room for three tennis rackets, and a stylish pink design, this bag will be a hit with anyone. Tennis powerhouse Penn offers both canisters and cases of pink felt tennis balls, an ideal gift for organizations, family or friends. From bags to hats to shoes Pink is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or her birthday!

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Womens Nike Dry

Womens Nike Dry

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