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Women Nike Dri

Women Nike Dri
Help! I wanna buy Nike Women’s running shorts for myself in a sports store but i feel embarassed about it. ?

Help me out please! I’ll choose a best answers n u can earn points.

u see, a few days ago, i was browsing this sports store in my town. It’s quite a big store, has many well known brands like Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, Teva etc. It sells sports wear, sports shoes, sneakers, flip flops, swimwear, t-shirts, boardshorts, sports equipment etc.

I was browsing for some running shorts. Those short kind, kinda like 1/4 length, with slit at both sides. Dri-fit material. Something like what marathoners would wear.

I went over to look at Nike Men’s section n i see many knee length shorts n the running shorts they have are in grey, navy n black kind of colors. Rather drab looking kind of colors, like what i already had.

So i went over to the Nike Women’s section n saw some really nice looking short running shorts. Something like this. http://i35.tinypic.com/35lyxra.jpg

The color combinations are quite bright, nice n attractive, unlike those in the men’s section.

So i thought it look kinda cool, i felt like buying. But wait a minute, this is the women’s section! Besides, the shorts are tagged Nike Women.

I guess i need to try on for size before buying, as i want a perfect fit. And i think not all sizes are displayed there so i probably need to call for the sales assistant’s assitance.

But i feel kinda embarrassed, like what would the SA think of me if i were to try on female clothing. Would he/she think i m gay, or a crossdresser, or a weirdo?

So i probably felt nervous n i also didn’t wanna hang out in the female clothing section too long. (i was alone by the way).

I then left but now i have compulsions to go back there n buy but i feel kinda awkward about it…

So what should i do?

Thanks for helping me sort out this dilemna

order online and if it duznt fit, return it…
hope i helped =]

Women Nike Dri

Women Nike Dri