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Tennis Workout Tank

Tennis Workout Tank

Sports Apparel for Women

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Even if you’re not heading to Wimbledon or the LPGA, you might be thinking about women’s tennis and golf apparel. Although, the earliest versions of these pieces of clothing may have been a bit stodgy and uncomfortable, the good news is that times have changed and these clothing pieces are more stylish than ever. Here are some ideas for getting your wardrobe updated and ready for your next tennis or golf outing – or maybe just for your next trip to the grocery store.

What Tennis Can Offer Your Style

If you’ve gotten the chance to watch any modern tennis tournaments, you’ll see that tennis is quite the stage for fashion. From the Williams sisters to Sharpova, tennis is not just for boring white skirts and basic tees anymore. More tennis outfits, than ever before, are looking more like casual wear instead of something that’s ready for the court. Here are some examples of tennis pieces that might be right for your closet :


Tank tops



One piece jumper-like outfits

Many of these outfits are now being styled by high name fashion designers and are being crafted from high tech materials that wick away sweat and help to give the players the maximum amount of mobility. With loose styling and generous cuts, the outfit can sail through numerous serves and volleys, all without losing its shape.

The colors that are found in tennis outfits are also creating quite a stir, moving away from the ordinary whites and lighter colors and into the fluorescent palettes. These are certainly going to stand out on the court, as well as provide a distraction for your opponent.

There is also a number of tennis accessories that will help you show off your style – headbands, hats, visors, shoes, and even sweat bands.

What Golf Can Offer Your Style

You might also want to look at golf for suggestions on how to recreate your style on the course or just in your everyday life. From golf shirts to golf skorts and skirts, shorts, and capris, women are finding that it’s not just the men that get to dress up for the next eighteen.

Professional women golfers need to be comfortable in order to make it from the first tee to the final putt, so the materials used in golf apparel are synthetic (in many cases) and allow air to circulate. But at the same time, these pieces of clothing need to be protective and thick enough to protect the skin from the sun.

There is also a general trend that is helping golf clothing become more feminine in nature. Instead of the old fashioned pants and shapeless tees, some are turning to feminine cuts that allow them to showcase their body shapes. Of course, these are still tasteful pieces of clothing that will be appropriate for course wear.

Why Use These Pieces of Clothing

From a very practical standpoint, tennis and golf apparel is a good fit for any wardrobe because it can move from one part of your life to the next. Instead of having to buy two sets of clothing for two different parts of your life, you can wear these articles of clothing for day time and then transition into your workout time without any troubles.

You will also find that the newer synthetic materials that are being used help to prolong the life of these pieces of clothing, making them long term investments in style. And with their innovative details (like dry wicking properties and breathable fibers), you can take these clothes to any golfing climate you like.

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Tennis Workout Tank

Tennis Workout Tank

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