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Tanks for the Safety

Author: Joe D’eramo

How do you get that propane tank refill home safely?  Do you prop it up in the back seat in between your groceries and the dry cleaning?

Probably not the best plan. Nor does it create peace of mind.

 The new and stylish Tank Nanny (manufactured in a rainbow of colors and also ready for private labeling) prevents propane tanks from rolling over or tipping during transportation.  The 20″ sturdy plastic device allows you to buckle in your tank for unstoppable protection.  The innovative device has been tested at 35 miles per hour emergency stopping speed and has proven to be rock solid, stable.

Tank tantrums are over. Tanks will no longer rocket around in the bed of a pickup, rust will no longer stain your car interior, and gone is the rolling hazard in an emergency breaking situation.

There are no screws, bolts, or assembly. The Tank Nanny is ready to go without any hassles. The Tank Nanny will not retain water, helping to prevent rust buildup on your tank.

The attractive Tank Nanny is made of 80% recycled plastic and weighs a portable four pounds.  Actual dimensions are 20 inches by 20 inches by 9 inches. The simple device looks like a large dog dish without the bottom.

In addition to using recycled plastic, the Tank Nanny is donating one tree for every unit sold.

Tank Nanny is the “invention” of Norwell resident Earl Cogswell, Jr. He came up with the ideas while working at his father-in-law’s Dick’s Power Equipment shop based in Hanover.  Earl saw customer refilling propane tanks and then trying to prop up the tank in their back seat by using the groceries and whatever else they had on hand.  He knew there had to be a better solution.

Propane-tanks are being sold at a record pace for outdoor home cooking, to heat pools, run fireplaces, RV, sporting events, tailgating, heating, mosquito control, welding and even power outdoor lighting.  According to National Propane Gas Association a propane gas tank must always be kept upright.  New propane transportation safety device like Tank Nanny comply with national/local guidelines and regulations.

Suggested retail pricing for the Tank Nanny is $18.95.  The Tank Nanny can be found at Amazon.com and will soon be available at leading home improvement stores, hardware stores, convenience stores, power tool outlets, camp grounds and other locations that offer propane refill services.

 For more information about Tank Nanny, please visit www.TankNanny.com or call 781-987-1426.

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Tank Top Sports

Tank Top Sports

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