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Sleeve Tee Womens

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basic long sleeve tees? where can i find a womens girls whatever, im 16 um a long sleeve tee shirt that has a high neck like this.., i need it in white and other colors and like a medium or small, but NOT LIKE THIS,, with the low scoop neck or v neck, and it […]

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Neck Tee Womens

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What to wear under a super-low-cut V-neck t-shirt? Maui wowie, way too many hyphens there. Well I’ve got this shirt, and it’s pretty low cut. I’m terrible at sewing so I don’t think there’s any way I can adjust it…what should I wear under it? People have suggested camis but I don’t know what kind […]

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Tee Womens White

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Where to find Red/White Striped T Shirt for Juniors/Teens? We want a tee that looks like this: But minus the print on the back… Does anyone know where to find one? Thanks in advance! Btw, long sleaves would work too. i couldnt find any just red and white but this […]

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Shirt Size Large

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FASHION CUTE DRESS SHIRT FOR MEN Author: Muritala Adisa Selecting the proper fit, size and style in a dress shirt is an important part of maintaining a professional image and looking good on the job. Along with he suit and the tie, the dress shirt is the man article of clothing that creates the proper […]

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