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Nike Golf Dri

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Nike Golf Clothing Author: temp_122432 Ask anyone under the age of 50 about Nike and they will inform you that Nike have a great line in shoes and clothing. Yes Nike clothing has been specially designed as sportswear, but, to the fashion conscious younger generations; if Nike clothing is good enough for sports people , […]

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Dri Fit Sport

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Caribee Sports Bags Author: Ivor Davies <p><a href=””>Sports bags</a> have to meet the requirements of the modern  user, who may just fit their sports activities around all the other demands of  their time.</p><p> Perhaps, a gym session is squeezed into an hour between  business meetings or straight after the school bell rings, but, before  homework. […]

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Golf Shirt Dry

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Any idea how much a fairly good quality polo/golf pullover shirt will shrink (it’s 40% polyester n 60% cotton-? if I have to wash it in hot water and dry it on the high (cotton) cycle in the shared laundry room of my townhouse? Thanks very much in advance to every one of you! Are […]

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Golf Dri Fit

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Golf Apparel Selection Tips to Help You Improve Author: Kenneth Gorveski Golf apparel is available in plenty in online stores separately for men, women and junior players. Men’s shirts from supreme quality companies like Nike, Tiger Woods and Adidas are available in pleasant colors and at affordable rates. They are made up of 100% polyester. […]

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Ladies Nike Dri

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Wanting to Look Fashionable in the Work World? Ladies Woven Button Down Shirts Can Give You Results Author: Max Johnson As a professional or career-minded woman, you expect more from your apparel. This means you invest in your work wear, and you expect the best quality at affordable prices. Ladies woven button down shirts are […]

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Dri Fit Shirt

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Ladies Golf Shirts Author: temp_122432 Lady golfers should make no excuses for their refusal to make compromises when it comes to their choice in ladies golf shirts. There are an estimated 7 million lady golfers throughout the world today and those are numbers that ladies golf shirt manufacturers cannot afford to ignore and with everyone […]

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