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Shirt Size Small

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How to make a guy’s size small shirt fit a girl’s size small? I love music and get a lot of band tee’s meant for guys (they always have the cooler ones!) but I don’t like the way they fit (too baggy,loose, unflattering) Is there anyway I can make a guy’s shirt size small fit […]

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Polo Shirt White

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I accidently wash a white with black stripe polo shirt with a red blouse need to get rid of the pink color? Hi everyone.. Hopefully someone can help me. I Washed my husband white polo shirt with black stripes with a red blouse. And ofcourse the shirt will have pink stains from the red blouse. […]

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Adidas Tennis Competition

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Best Picks of Junior Tennis Shoes Author: Clara Havisham Tennis being a game of full alertness and action, it becomes very important for you to buy a proper shoe for your kid so as to avoid foot injuries. Moreover buying your child a quality pair of junior tennis shoes helps them to concentrate on the […]

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Brown Leather

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Can you have Expresso Brown Dining furniture next to black leather sofa’s? Hi Having a real problem at the moment as we want to buy a new dining set which is Oak and has the High back leather chairs but can’t find any anywhere in black as all the sets in the shops the chairs […]

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Genuine Leather

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What is the difference between ‘leather’ and ‘genuine leather’? As in when it is labeled on a handbag for example, what does it mean if one is labeled ‘leather’ and the other ‘genuine leather’? How do you know if it is real leather or not? Also, does it matter so much if I still use […]

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Shirt Size Large

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FASHION CUTE DRESS SHIRT FOR MEN Author: Muritala Adisa Selecting the proper fit, size and style in a dress shirt is an important part of maintaining a professional image and looking good on the job. Along with he suit and the tie, the dress shirt is the man article of clothing that creates the proper […]

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