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Leather Like Purse

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The Vuitton Speedy Purse is a Fashion Icon Author: Sites I Like The chic Speedy Bags of Louis Vuitton are provided in a variety of sizes including 25, 30, 35, and 40.  Since its conception in 1896, Louis Vutton’s trademark has been praised for the flexible and highly resilient material used; the Monogram Canvas that […]

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Black Genuine Leather

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Genuine Leather Jeep Seat Covers: The Luxurious and Durable Seat Covers Author: Paul Nixon Are you a jeep enthusiast? Great! Being the open body, jeeps are the great way to enjoy the nature. These are very versatile as well. You can go most of the places with your jeep. These are considered stylish by many […]

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Bag Leather Like

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Make a Fashion Statement With a Toiletry Bag Leather Author: Jhoana Cooper As the years go by you find that there are lots more bags in newer labels and patterns appearing in the market place. There are products available for every possible occasion whether it is to a game of golf, to office, a party, […]

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Tan Leather

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Leather Laptop Bags Author: Ash Tan A lot of people prefer leather laptop bags simply because of its stylish and outlook. There are many types of leathers available. Nowadays with the advanced technology, you can easily find faked leather bags with affordable price. Although the choice of leathers color is limited, it has the popular […]

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Genuine Leather

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What is the difference between ‘leather’ and ‘genuine leather’? As in when it is labeled on a handbag for example, what does it mean if one is labeled ‘leather’ and the other ‘genuine leather’? How do you know if it is real leather or not? Also, does it matter so much if I still use […]

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Leather Bag Purse

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How do you clean cat pee out of a leather bag? A while ago, my roommate’s dumb cat pissed on my g/f’s leather purse, and wasn’t sure how to get it out. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Hi If the urine didn’t leave a watermark on the leather then Nature’s Miracle should work. […]

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