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Another Year … Another Diary

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You resolve to stop smoking, drinking, overeating, being lazy etc. etc. on New Years Eve. You look at a gift from a friend, idly open it and find yourself staring at a beautiful diary. You resolve, to record your deeds and thoughts faithfully in the diary from the New Year onwards! Time passes on …  […]

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Your Diary: The Issue of Privacy

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There is a profound vulnerability that comes with putting your deepest feelings in black and white. Here are six ways that people who keep personal journals and diaries have handled the issue of privacy. See if you can combine these ideas in a way that makes you feel comfortable keeping your own honest personal journal. […]

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The Benefits of Journaling

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Journaling has been with us for hundreds of years, but don’t think that makes it quaint. It is a means for excising the mind and soul. Hey, Oprah does it! What is journaling? It is the simple act of cutting out some time each day to write down pretty much whatever you like. Most people […]

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How to Keep a Personal Journal

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One of the most popular types of journal to keep is a personal one. Essentially you write about your day-to-day life and personal feelings in one of these. Often people end up simply listing everything they did during the day. This can become a bit tedious after a while; lead to one not enjoying the […]

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