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Workout Gym Yoga

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The Benefits of Incorporating Yoga into Your Fitness Routine Author: kyle burke Visiting a gym for boosting your health and physique becomes a great idea when you can incorporate yoga. Naples has a score of gyms that offer the multiple benefits of yoga like strengthening your body, spirit and mind. Here is a short glimpse […]

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Running Yoga Sports

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What are good sports/exercises to develop hamstrings? I was recently told that I’m quad-dominant. I know I need to stretch my hamstrings, as they are a bit tight, but I’m also wondering what sports/exercises will work the hamstrings. I hate weight lifting, so I’m looking for something different than strength training. Would yoga help? Running? […]

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Fitness Exercise Shorts

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Golf Fitness Exercises to Alleviate Lower Back Tightness During a Round of Golf Author: Sean Cochran Golf fitness exercises can be very beneficial in the alleviation of lower back tightness during a round of golf. We are turning our attention to the time spent playing golf. Yes, the actual round of golf in which your […]

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Sports Bra Workout

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How To Find The Right Clothes For Your Workout? Author: David Robinson When you want to work out, you already know that doing it in street clothes is not a good idea; you need clothes that you can move in and clothes that are comfortable and light on top of it.  Choosing the right workout […]

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Pilates Dance Fitness

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Pilates workout: Fit, strong, and flexible Author: jamiehanson Pilates is mainly a form of exercise which includes restricted and flexible movements of the body. You require to focus on respiring patterns while doing Pilates in order to attain the desired results. You need to pay a lot of concentration on how your body works out […]

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Athletic Work Out

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Why Power Training is Essential to Becoming a Faster Athlete Author: David Horne Maximum power is trained when the athlete works in a range of between 95-100% of their maximum intensity. All too often athletes perform these power training drills at a low intensity thus defeating the purpose of overloading the muscles and maximizing you […]

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