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Ralph Lauren Polo

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How can I tell if my Ralph Lauren polo is real? I have a polo that I got for my birthday. I DO own some Ralph Lauren polos and I’m a big fan of Ralph. This polo doesn’t feel quite like my other Ralph’s. I know that Ralph polos are make with pre shrunk fabric […]

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Fitness Apparel Shirt

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T-shirt Packaging Author: T-Shirt Magazine A major factor in the t-shirt selling business presentation. Presentation of your designs, presentation of your website or storefront, presentation of your promotional images etcettera, etcettera, ettcettera! To make the sale and keep ’em comin’, you really gotta get this presentation thing down and impress the hell outta your customers […]

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Work Out Shirt

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How to Hire a T-shirt Designer Author: T-Shirt Magazine The t-shirt business can become a very stressful business to run, especially on your own. As with any business, it’s recommended that you develop a team. Sure you might start on your own but eventually you should build a dream team that’ll help advance your label […]

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Bra Top Womens

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Bras and the Breast Cancer Cover-up Author: Sydney Ross Singer “Whom can you trust when your culture is the biggest enemy of your health? Can you trust your culture’s leading authorities? Can you trust your culture’s government? Can you trust your culture’s private industry?” We asked those questions in 1995, at the end of our […]

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Black Golf Shirt

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Chesapeake Bay T Shirts and Other Gifts Author: J.C. Banks Chesapeake Bay enthusiasts love t shirts and other apparel that display their favorite regional icons including fish, seafood, lighthouses and boats. There are endless designs to choose from, varying from simple text only slogans to intricate logos. While the classic t-shirt is popular, there are […]

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Inspired Womens Ladies

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Women Entrepreneurs – Doing Business in a Feminine Way Author: Kim DeYoung Supporting entrepreneurial women is my passion. With that in mind I wrote this article for female/women entrepreneurs only, so I could focus and celebrate the feminine way of doing business. I’m eager to share with you communities that support doing business in a […]

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