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Rib Tank Top

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Personalized Wedding Gifts: Special Gifts For Bridesmaids Author: Janet R. What makes a wedding gift special is the thought behind it. A personalized wedding gift is a good example of a special gift. Primarily, traditional wedding gifts come in typical picture frames, photo albums, candles and gift boxes. If you’ll notice, today’s wedding fashion and […]

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Padded Cycling Shorts

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What Cycling Shorts Have That is Superior to Other Sportswear Author: Muna wa Wanjiru There is an almost standard image of the professional biker wearing lycra tight cycling shorts and a matching jersey or t-shirt; such apparel items are often vividly colored, bearing the names of the brand they belong to as well the competition […]

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Skirt Skort Shorts

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The Lilly Pulitzer Skort – A Must-Have For Summer Author: Robert D. Williams If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, style, and versatility, look no further than the Lilly Pulitzer skort.  You will find this combination of skirt and shorts lends itself well whether you’re going out on the town or out to the […]

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Top Jacket Women

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Women’s Motorcycle Jacket – Safety And Fashionable Author: marikxon manurung There is so many woman riders want to buy a motorcycle jacket that is very stylish. And lots of folks want to buy a motorcycle jacket that looks cool and fashionable, especially for women motorcycle rider. But, it’s known that very few know how to […]

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Ralph Lauren Polo

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How can I tell if my Ralph Lauren polo is real? I have a polo that I got for my birthday. I DO own some Ralph Lauren polos and I’m a big fan of Ralph. This polo doesn’t feel quite like my other Ralph’s. I know that Ralph polos are make with pre shrunk fabric […]

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Workout Yoga Pants

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what are good workout pants that will hide my giggly booty? i’m 9 months postpartum and need to do a lot of toning. so my husband and i joined a gym today. i need to get some pants to wear while i’m working out. i would just get yoga pants but i think my booty […]

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