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Brown Leather

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Can you have Expresso Brown Dining furniture next to black leather sofa’s? Hi Having a real problem at the moment as we want to buy a new dining set which is Oak and has the High back leather chairs but can’t find any anywhere in black as all the sets in the shops the chairs […]

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Bag Brown

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how to make a new leather in Lous Vuitton bag brown? I’m a happy owner of new speedy 35 bag(it was a gift). It’s perfect and I reallylove it. I know that after a while the leather of the bag becomes brown and not beige as it is now when the bag is almost new. […]

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Handbag Purse Brown

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Designer Handbags: Most Wanted Author: James Brown Flash a photo of any pretty handbag and women don’t fail to drool over it, just as they do over clothing, shoes and jewelry. Needless to say, handbags, totes and purses have become such an everyday necessity, that women don’t leave without it for any event at all! […]

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Brown Leather Shoulder

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Marketing Small Leather Goods to the Younger Market Author: J Ireland Accessorising an outfit is just as important as the outfit itself. This applies for both men and women, as finishing of the ‘look’ can give you a real impression of chique’, class and status. The wallet or purse that you take from your trouser […]

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Brown Leather Handbag

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Leather Handbags for all Occasions-Meet Exclusivity at its Best Author: leathrejackets The online ventures can be the option today for exclusive fashion leather handbags with modern styles and beads embedded patterns. The online handbags ventures feel more than delighted in serving their customers with handbags, best suited for all occasions that have class and sophistication […]

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Real Leather Brown

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Italian Leather Gloves: Style With Elegance and Eventual Safety Features Author: Shelly Resta The Italian leather gloves are very fashionable amongst adult females. They are matched and leather choice Italian styled gloves made particularly for madams. There are different designer sorts in the Italian leather gloves for women. They are: Sermoneta madams Leather gloves: these […]

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