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Vera Bradley Purse

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Vera Bradley Handbags Author: Irfan You can try out eBay for several Vera Bradley retired models but you all the time have to be cautious of a number of things. One, you want to make definite it is a genuine pattern made by Vera Bradley and not some knock off that someone has bogus. In […]

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Bradley Capri Blue

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i’m getting a vera bradley backpack. should i get java blue or capri melon? i love both colors, but I’m afraid that the capri melon is too birght. it is getting colder, but I think the java blue will last all year long. I love the petal pink, chealsea green, and pcadilly plum. does that […]

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Bradley Raspberry Fizz

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Where can I buy a new Vera Bradley tote in raspberry fizz for under thirty dollars? I’d really like to buy a raspberry fizz vera Bradley tote, but i am not much of an online shopper and have never bought anything Vera Bradley before so i need some one els’es opinion. Thanks! I agree with […]

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Vera Bradley Backpack

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Vera Bradley Handbags Author: Kevin McCue This article might sound a little strange coming from a guy but just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I can’t know good fashion when I see it! I first learned about Vera Bradley from my girlfriend who completely loves all their stuff.  The company is cool, however, because […]

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Bradley Pinwheel Pink

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I torn between Mod Floral Blue and Pinwheel Pink for this Vera Bradley Super Tote!? I would rather have the blue rhapsody or carnaby but being that those are 85 and these are 50 i guess you cant get everything, right? So which should i get. It is for my school bag (changing classes and […]

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