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Golf Shirt Size

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Golf Shirt sizing? I’m 5’6″ and 180 pounds, yea im as round as i am tall, but thats beside the point. My company is buying me a golf shirt and i need to know what size to get. I dont want it huge, help please. If you’re unsure of the size, go to and […]

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Short Sleeve Golf

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Golf Shirts are a Versatile Choice for Many an Occasion Author: Kimberly Green Golf shirts have definitely made their mark, and their reach extends far beyond the golf course. These comfortable, sport-friendly shirts have become almost a staple of the business casual world. You can find salesmen and even saleswomen sporting golf shirts in a […]

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Black Tennis Skirt

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Choosing Clothing For Ice-Skating Author: Jimmy Cox After you have acquired your boots and skates, your thoughts will turn naturally to the clothes you will wear for your first appearance. Make no mistake about it; a smart costume on the ice is half the battle. If you are a man, you will probably decide to […]

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Tennis Polo Shirt

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Lacoste Polo Shirts – the Rise of the Croc Author: Darrell Freeman Lacoste now days seems one of the most popular designer clothing brands. Lacoste polo shirts have been in massive demand since the turn of the century and are still many stores’ best sellers. However Lacoste was never designed to become such a popular […]

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Fit Base Layer

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Adidas Tech fit – base layer? I’m thinking about buying the adidas techfit base layer shorts and short sleeve top, the new power web version, does anybody recommend it or have anything they have to say about it? i just wodnerred if anyone had any opinions because its allot of money to spend. cheers yes […]

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Fit Dry Sports

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Sports Apparel For College Students Author: Low Jeremy Apparel for college sports has become more and more sophisticated. No longer does one rely on just plain sports apparel, there are also other more technologically advanced sportswear that provides better fit and more comfort for the wearer. A wide selection of different fabrics is now available […]

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