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Adidas Black White

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white adidas superstar2 white stripes black stripes which is the best with jeans ? im buying an adidas superstar2 shoes. i regularly wear jeans and im wondering for the white adidas superstar2 which would look greatest with jeans white stripes or black stripes? pure white shoe or white shoe with black adidas 3 stripes? Depends […]

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Womens Adidas Golf

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Golf Clothing – A Beginner’s Guide To New Golfer Author: David Potts When selecting a new item of golf clothing you should always take into consideration the dress code or restrictions of your local golf club or course. A more obvious but sometimes overlooked factor is the expected weather conditions across the duration of the […]

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Adidas Womens Climacool

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Tennis Clothes – A Revolution In Style Author: Samantha Kay Tennis clothes have changed drastically in style, fabric, and color over the last 100 years. The first lawn tennis players in England wore formal attire when playing. Standard tennis clothes for women were full-length dresses. Men wore long pants and formal, long sleeve shirts. The […]

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Track Top Jacket

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Track Jacket – Track Top? What are the different betwen track jackets and track tops. They both look like jackets to me. I want to get the track top, but I need to get a track jacket for the material. What’s the difference. They both seem like jackets to me. The Track Top The […]

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Womens Adidas Climacool

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Most Popular Brands of Tennis Shoes in Trend Author: Clara Havisham Tennis is now one of the most popular sports in the world. With its growing popularity, many tennis equipment manufacturers have merged in the shoe market with innovative styles of tennis shoes and well equipped features to boost the player’s performance. But all brands […]

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Womens Adidas Tennis

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Top Brands of Tennis Shoes Author: Roberto Sedycias With the growing popularity of tennis, many sports equipment manufacturers have entered into the shoes market with innovative styles of tennis shoes. Tennis is a highly strenuous sport. Hence a good pair of tennis shoes is a must for quality performance from the player. Good branded tennis […]

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