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Sports Logos As Marketing Tools

Author: Victor Nunn

Professional sports teams as well as colleges and universities use their respective logos as a way of marketing their team or institution to the rest of the world. These marketing efforts take place in a number of different ways, and have been proven effective time and time again. Just a few of the ways that sports logos are used for marketing purposes are listed below.

1. Both professional organizations and colleges grant licensing rights to anybody that wants to use their name or logo on anything that they want to sell. This is most commonly done in the clothing industry. This is an indirect, cost and time efficient way of marketing for these organizations. By doing this they get exposure to millions of different people without ever having to do any work at all.

2. Sports logos are also used in more traditional marketing efforts. Organizations do this because the public will recognize the logo, and then look deeper at what is being advertised. This is common in newspapers as well as billboards. How many times have you seen a billboard for your favorite professional sports team that has a huge logo on it? The teams do this so that passer bys will put two and two together and keep the team in mind. This can help to drive ticket sales, etc.

3. Whenever a team knows that they are going to be competing on television they will make sure that their logo is placed all over the place. This is particularly true when it comes to college athletics. This is a great way for a college or university to get exposure to the national media, as well as interested students or athletes.

The use of a logo is one of the best ways to draw in customers, and keep their attention. In addition, these logos are also a great way to keep a team fresh in the buyers mind. This can be an important aspect if the team if looking to sell something. This includes items such as team merchandise or tickets.

They are banking on the fact that the buyer will remember the logo, and then buy from their organization when the situation arises.

Logos have been proven as an effective and successful marketing tool in the sports industry for many years. It is safe to say that teams are always looking for a new and better way to get their logo in front of as many people as possible

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Daniel Smith writes about Sports logos and Sports Marketing

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Sport Logo Top

Sport Logo Top

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