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Shorts Skirt Skort

Shorts Skirt Skort

What Items are Usually Included in Plus Size Dancewear Selections?

Author: Clint Jhonson

Dancing is an activity which a lot of people enjoy.  Traditionally, dance groups blend their ideas and come up with a costume that matches the music they sway their bodies to.  As the trend went from conventional to modern, plus size dancewear had also been out in the market.  The catalogues of fashion companies always have plus size models wearing these attires to help customers visualize which among the apparels best suit their dancing requirements.  Here is the list of items usually incorporated in the brochures whether through online businesses or not.

Leotards.  Leotards are very common in most dancing stints.  Plus size models wear this clothing in a variety of colors and forms.  The usual colors are black and red which are on the darker side.  These hues provide a slimmer figure for the wearer.  Besides the color selection, leotards take different forms as well.  This plus size dancewear may either be sleeveless or short or long-sleeved.  The fabrics used are cotton or nylon.  They may also be custom-made depending on the client’s specifications. 

Leggings and pants.  For this type of plus size dancewear, the material used very often is the lycra.  The different styles worn by plus size models are bootleg, capri, relaxed dance pant, cropped and ankle tights.  They may also be like low-rise jeans showing the belly button.  Accents or accessories are not used to add embellishments on the pants as they may create a bulkier look.  They are better seen without any prints at all to complement the leg and thigh area and not to emphasize on weight.

Shorts and Skorts.  Shorts are used to support every dance movement.  Skorts on the other hand, are two-in-one plus size dancewear which has both the qualities of a skirt and a short.  There are V-notched or A-lined skirts which will help the dancer project a more feminine appearance while working on the dance floor.  Boy-cut briefs are also used down under to complement mini skirts.  Bike shorts also fall under this category. 

Ballet skirts.  It may sound unusual to have plus size ballerinas. However, nobody is prohibiting these individuals to try the dance.  Along this line, a plus size dancewear known as ballet skirts have been introduced.  It is usually a wrap-around skirt longer than the tutus worn by slimmer ballet dancers. 

Unitards.  As there are skorts for shorts, there are also unitards for leotards and tights.  Unitards are actually an extension of the leotards where the upper and lower extremities are covered.  This is a good deal for every dancewear buyer since there is no need to spend on a leotard and a tight.  Dancers make use of these attires for ballet lessons and performances and are found under the ballet skirts.

It is indeed a wise thing for clothing companies to include plus size dancewear in their very long list of offerings.  It is delightful that such outfits are planned carefully.  Another interesting note is the fact that purchasers get the privilege to have their own dancewear custom-made especially if they do not want those worn by plus size models.  Everybody is encouraged to take a look at the other performance wears available in various catalogues.

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Shorts Skirt Skort

Shorts Skirt Skort

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