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Shirt Top Small

Shirt Top Small
Altering a too small shirt in creative ways?

I just got a child’s shirt from a thrift store. I wasn’t sure if it would fit, but it was only $.40, so I took a chance. Turns out it is too small, mostly in the neck hole and chest, and it is too short.

So, anyone have any creative ideas for changing it so I can still wear it? I like the design on it, especially on the back, I’ve seen t-shirts changed into tank tops with some scissors… that kind of thing… something that would make it not matter that it was originally designed for someone smaller than me.

I also have access to extra fabric I can stick on it. And I am capable of some very basic sewing.

If you rip out the stitches and add panels of new material where the stitches used to be, you can increase the size of the shirt dramatically.

So let’s say it’s a t-shirt – first you take off the collar, then rip the stitches from the shoulder and arm seams (leave the arms attached to the front and back of the shirt if you want). Then rip the side stitches so you have the front of a t-shirt and the back of a t-shirt.

Now take a panel of fabric a couple inches wide. Cut two panels to fit along the sides of your t-shirt. Hem the bottoms. Take one panel and sew one edge to the front shirt and the other edge to the back of the shirt. Now the shirt is that many inches wider than it was! Do the same with the shoulders and two more smaller panels, then either re-attach the collar or make a new collar from your side-panel material.

And it can be a really fun shirt if you use contrasting colors or something like bright flower fabric with a black t-shirt or brown fabric with an orange t-shirt.

If you need more help, search on “t-shirt surgery” for sites that provide directions or examples.

Shirt Top Small

Shirt Top Small

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