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Sac Main Handbag

Louis Vuitton Handbags: the Mini Collection

Author: Howard Haines

And along came the Mini Collection, a collection filled with elegant styling, but made for today’s woman. Chic, modern and fun, the Mini collection is younger and more urban than any other collection of Louis Vuitton purses.

One mini collection purse, the Sac Mary Kate, is an absolute stunning design that is versatile and young. It will soon become a favorite in your handbag collection.

What makes the Sac Mary Kate such an awesome handbag? From the side, the purse tapers along the top, which is comfortable to hold and shows off a great profile. A large pocket adorns the front and back, complete with snap closure for convenient storage of minor personal items. The main compartment is robust – wide enough to fit documents and books, yet looks sleek and stylish. The purse also has a wide mouth, zippering all the way down from one side to the other.

The “kaki” color of this amazing purse is, like other features of this purse, extremely versatile. A contrast of dark olive brown set off by an eggshell monogram, complete with two-tone white and olive straps, this Louis Vuitton handbag will go with anything in your closet. Try it with a suit to go to work or with a pair of jeans on your day off.

The mute tones and the smart, stylish design begs to be used everyday. The Sac Mary Kate purse is also available in black and muted white, which is equally as stunning. It’s hard to tell which is better since both are very subtle and understated. The choice is yours – you can’t go wrong with either!

This Louis Vuitton purse goes for $975, well-worth every penny. It’s not everyday when a simple basic purse is recreated into a stunning design. This is one purse that you’ll be able to use now and years from now because, like many Louis Vuitton handbags, the design and styling is timeless. A perfect purse for the young and the young-at-heart!

The entire Mini Collection offers the same versatility and beauty as the Sac Mary Kate, with slightly different styling. The Cabas Mary Kate purse by Louis Vuitton is a lighter bag than the Sac Mary Kate, but still offers the beauty of the Sac. The Lucille GM bag in the Mini Collection is like an updated bucket, rounded and beautifully shaped. The Lucille PM and the Josephine PM handbags are classy and timeless, with a hint of mature, understated elegance.

This purse collection by Louis Vuitton is truly unique, fun and stunning. Most styles are under $1000 and features a beautiful canvas that is durable and light. Try one or try all – you won’t be disappointed!

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Sac Main Handbag
Sac Main Handbag
Sac Main Handbag

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