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Run Lulu Run

Want to Publish? Consider Lulu or Createspace

Author: Linda A Lavid

To test the waters and get reviews, writers can publish books quickly and inexpensively by using a low-cost front-end subsidy such as Lulu or CreateSpace. Below are some specifics…

Lulu. Lulu started out as a technology company. Years ago, when I first visited the site, it was extremely difficult to navigate. Times have changed. Writers have been flocking to Lulu for a lot of reasons. Advantages: Should you not wish to use an ISBN number or have distribution, the cost of printing a book is nominal. With an ISBN and distribution, the cost runs anywhere from $100 to $150. Books can be given a Lulu ISBN or, for an additional fee, an ISBN for your imprint. Distribution is not restricted to Lulu and books can be sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online venues. User-friendly, Lulu accepts different formats for manuscript submission. Proof copies are available. Books can be sold in Lulu’s store for sizeable profit. Disadvantages: At this time, author copies have a higher unit price than CreateSpace, Lightning Source and some subsidies, i.e., Aventine Press. Manuscript and cover is author-designed and formatted. Profits from books sold on Amazon take a hit. My thoughts: Lulu has a competitive edge due to tech support and low start-up cost. Site is easy to navigate and books can be printed from jpeg (image file) and word documents. Company seems to change with the times and not rest on laurels. 

CreateSpace. CreateSpace is an Amazon program that publishes books with no or little upfront costs: Standard Plan and Pro Plan, respectively. Advantages: an ISBN number is provided; author copies can be purchased at a cost configured from the printing expense; a twenty percent royalty is paid on cover price not sale price; a proof copy (nominal cost) is available prior to publication; returns are accepted. Disadvantages: their books are only available on Amazon; all pre-publication tasks: editing, cover design/layout, manuscript formatting, must be undertaken by the author; submissions must be in PDF format. My thoughts: At this time, CreateSpace is a competitive option. The non-existent start-up costs could be spent on pre-publication tasks such as editing and cover design.   

Taking the plunge into publishing is an option available to every writer no matter the budget. So brush up that manuscript and send it into the wild.

About the Author:

Linda Lavid is an award-winning author of fiction and nonfiction. Her latest book is Composition, A Fiction Writer’s Guide for the 21st Century. Reviewed as a “priceless gem”, this book discusses the craft of writing fiction and the art of self-publishing. www.lindalavid.com

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Want to Publish? Consider Lulu or Createspace

Run Lulu Run

Run Lulu Run

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