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Pink Sports Bra

Pink Sports Bra

Various Types Of Yoga Clothing Available Online!

Author: Kristi Ambrose

Yoga was first started as a spiritual practice in Hinduism almost 5000 years ago, but now in the more modern age a part of Yoga known as Asana has grown purely as a form of exercise. Asana is simply a way of keeping fit and healthy. According to a survey by the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine yoga is one of the 5th most used CAMs (complementary alternative medicines) in the US! Yoga is a terrific exercise through mind and body to reduce the symptoms of generalized stress. Also, according to Yoga Journal magazine, Americans spend about 3 billion dollars annually buying things like yoga products and classes.

So which sort of products are available for yoga? Most of us know that if your involved in a certain exercise or sport, there is usually “official” clothing and or products you can use. For yoga there are things such as yoga pants, mats, bags, books and DVDs. When it comes to yoga you really want to make sure your wearing the correct clothing. These clothing items allow your body to “breath” and allow you to maneuver through the moves a lot easier. Listed below are a few clothing items, as well as some of the options you can look forward to such as colors and sizes!

Sports Bra Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Sports Bra Colors: Black, White, Blues, Red, Heather, Charcoal, Greens, Pink and more
Sport Top’s sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2x Large
Sports Top colors: Black, White, Blues, Greens, Reds, Pink, Gold and more

Yoga Pants: Full-length, Capri, Drawstring
Full-length; stretch, fold over, and low rise
Capri; fold over, low rise drawstring, and cropped low-rise
Drawstring; stretch, cotton, French terry, and low rise

Youth Yoga Pants: Classic, low-rise, cropped low-rise, and Capri
Classic sizes: 8, 10, 12
Classic colors: Black, white, pink, blue, brown, charcoal
Low-rise sizes: Extra small, small, medium, large
Low-rise colors: Black & Navy
Capri sizes: 8, 10, 12
Capri colors: Black, white, pink, aqua, lime, blue, navy, brown

I have seen a lot of sites online that offer yoga and yoga type products and I have to say these are my favorite stores. They have everything you could or would need for yoga or yoga specific products. Why would you want to go anywhere else when you could find everything you want on a single site? These are the sites you should be looking out for! Ease, convenience, variety and more! Have fun!

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This author is a HUGE fan of Yoga Pants, Mats, Bags & More!

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Pink Sports Bra

Pink Sports Bra

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