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Nike Golf Dri

Nike Golf Dri

Nike Golf Clothing

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Ask anyone under the age of 50 about Nike and they will inform you that Nike have a great line in shoes and clothing.

Yes Nike clothing has been specially designed as sportswear, but, to the fashion conscious younger generations; if Nike clothing is good enough for sports people , be that footballers, rugby players, golfers or athletes, then it is good enough to be worn out on the streets.

Nike golf clothing has been created to offer golfers the freedom of movement that is required of their clothing to ensure that the material does not impede golf shots.

Nike’s Dri-fit range of polo/golf shirts are designed to draw moisture away from the body and to the surface of the material, where it, quickly, evaporates. This range is available from men, juniors and ladies and comes in a huge array of sizes and colours and would look just as good off the course as it would on.

Nike wind wear clothing has been created to offer resistance when playing the game in windy conditions. Made from materials, which keep golfer’s bodies protected from the chilly winds, but, are breathable so that the golfer will not overheat. Thermal tops, sweater vests and lambswool sweater gives the golfer a smart casual appearance, whilst offer the maximum climate protection.

Nike would look great teamed with any dri-fit polo shirt, giving a well dressed appearance and offer Nike’s legendary clothing quality.

Nike’s Tech Element clothing combines a ventilation system to increase the air flow over the body, so not only can you look cool, but, can keep cool, too.

Nike Course Condition clothing has been designed to deal with the differing weather conditions found during the golfing season and are well able to cope with our, sometimes less than favourable, British climate. This range of Nike clothing encompasses clothing to give golfers wind and waterproof, cooling and breathable items that will never interfere with your game.

Golfbuyitonline are delighted to offer a huge range of Nike clothing that is as suitable for the high street as it is for the golf course.

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Nike Golf Dri

Nike Golf Dri

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