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Neck Tee Womens

Neck Tee Womens
What to wear under a super-low-cut V-neck t-shirt?

Maui wowie, way too many hyphens there.

Well I’ve got this shirt, and it’s pretty low cut. I’m terrible at sewing so I don’t think there’s any way I can adjust it…what should I wear under it?

People have suggested camis but I don’t know what kind of neckline. Like, a round neck, or another V-neck, what kind of colour, etc?

It looks like this btw.


Wear a round neck or one of those strappy camis that goes flat across your chest, not another V-neck. I’d go for white – that’s a pretty safe bet, but it depends on the colour/patter no the top.

By the way, it the underneath top is quite a high neck compared to the V-neck, wear a longish chain necklace that sits on top of the underneath top but doesn’t reach the v-neck, just to break up that “block” of material over your chest.

Neck Tee Womens

Neck Tee Womens

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