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Lycra Fitness Workout

Lycra Fitness Workout

Men’s Workout Clothing Buying Guide II

Author: Edna Paltrow

Best fitness clothing fabrics

Cotton is still king when it comes to workout clothes and is still the top fabric that will breathe and fit well wash after wash. Today’s workout clothes are for the most part imported and that’s why cotton workout clothes made in America are hard to find.  Except for Physique Bodyware brand workout clothes, since 1991 they still manage to manufacture over 300 styles in fitness apparel for men & women made here in the USA. You also have the option to choose something synthetic like polyester, Nylon, Trico and Polar Fleece. All these types of materials have their benefits when you’re training in the gym, on the court and on the field.

Again while cotton is still king for most active lifestyles and works great in fitness applications and does breathe as well as some of today’s workout clothes made of synthetic materials. This doesn’t imply that you’ll be soaked during a heavy workout. Some cotton tends to shrink but we feature pre-shrunk cotton. If you have a daily, hardcore exercise routine cotton exercise clothes will work just fine. It is also much less expensive than most synthetic fabrics made from oil byproducts.

Our Flex tech poly is common in workout clothing because it is lightweight, colorfast and breathable. It is heavier than nylon, yet it’s softer, and resists shrinking and stretching. Polyester can last years, is quick drying and looks new wash after wash.

Nylon acts exactly like polyester when it comes to exercise clothes. Both lightweight and strong, nylon is fast drying due to the fact that it doesn’t absorb much moisture in the first place. It is also easy to care for. Like polyester, nylon is colorfast, lasts for years and looks new wash after wash

Spandex can stretch to up to 300 percent of its original size then recover to original length. It is also lightweight, which makes it great for workout clothes. A common form of spandex is Lycra, the brand name for spandex produced by DuPont.

Today’s blends of two or more fabrics create the best possible fitness clothes. Cotton/polyester in workout pants and workout shorts, for example, are soft and breathable and would only shrink minimally. Still the best looking, best wearing fabric for workout apparel.  Polyester/spandex blend workout muscle shirts, for example, would are breathable, soft and stretchable, and wont shrink in the dryer. Checkout PhysiqueBodywareUSA.com for all the latest styles in exercise clothes today.

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Lycra Fitness Workout

Lycra Fitness Workout