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Large Tote Handbag

Large Tote Handbag

No.2 Chanel Large Tote in Ultra Soft Lambskin

Author: Tommy Martin

Warm sunshine and brilliant colors are naturally on the mind of designers for spring, and as the true signs of the times. The top fashion brand, Chanel, famous for its eternal classic white and black design has made some changes in this spring and summer collection. Melting some new elements such as bright sunshine and splendid colors, Chanel brings us the same classic elegance but with extraordinary splendor. We can smell an odor of spring from some Chanel handbags, such as the orange soft suede calfskin shopping bag, blue green ultra soft flap bag and purple large tote in metallic crackled calfskin. Out of the Chanel spring/summer collection I love the pink large tote in ultra soft lambskin best.

This Chanel tote is embodied with its traditional elegance and unique spring taste. Featuring the pink lambskin leather, it gives us a comfortable hand feeling as well as vision enjoyment. The contrasting lambskin piping is around the top edge and two handles, which harmoniously match with the pink soft leather. A metallic effect reveals from the silver hardware and charming CC logo. It comes with a size of 14.2″ x 9.5″ x 5.1″ which is a suitable size for your stuff on working days or vacation days. Four studs at the bottom provide extra protection for your handbag. I guess it is actually crafted to be a stylish carryall, and then being stylish comes next.

A handbag with elegant but gorgeous appearance as well as practical functions has rapidly gained the popularity among the fashionmongers, especially the celebrities. For instance, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been spotted with this Chanel large tote in ultra soft lambskin for several times. She is an American actress and singer-songwriter, well-known for her television and film roles in the Fox television series Party of Five, as Sarah Reeves, and also starred in I Know What You Did Last Summer and its sequel, as Julie James.

Such a fascinating Chanel handbag, can’t you refuse it?

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Large Tote Handbag
Large Tote Handbag
Large Tote Handbag

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