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Let’s Matching Handbag and your Body Shape

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There is no argument that today handbag have become widely used among women. It is quite surprise that fashion of using handbags just have become popular since few decades ago but the technology and design of handbag have quickly become developed. As we can see that many designers tried to launch new trend of the designs every day and the can proof that why handbag industry has a massive growth. Some women are still very down to earth when choosing their handbag meanwhile many other is very neat and careful when they choose handbags.

There is massive knowledge about handbag spread throughout the internet such as how to choose handbags match to your need, how to identify fake handbags etc. Many people are also use common criteria to choose such colour and style according to their preference. However, there are some other ways that you use when choosing handbag, which is choosing handbag that suit to your body shape. One of the most important reason that women use handbag that to improve their personality so it is quite essential to choose handbag that match to your body shape to improve your personality. Many women are unsure of which types of handbags work best with the shape of their bodies and end up choosing styles which make them look large or out of proportion.

If you are the person who has short and plump body, please be aware of using large handbag as it will make your body looks bigger. You should use small and short handbag should improve your personality as shorter handbag or purse will help to increase height and make you look taller than you really are.

If you are the person who has tall and thin body, I have to be straight forward that you may not suitable for carry handbags. The type of bag that suitable for your body and personality is probably the shoulder bag. However, the size of the bag needs to be considered, compare to the person who has short and plumb body should carry smaller bag, then you should carry larger bag to make you look bigger. However, if you still want to use smaller handbag, make sure it fits snugly under your shoulders

If you are plus-size person, which means you have extra large body. As same as the person you have fat body, you have to definitely stay away from small handbag. Moreover, even you use other type of bag such as shoulder handbag, you have to make sure that it has long shoulder strap. Using larger handbag should be better to improve your personality.

If you are the person who has curvy shape body, which means that you are so lucky to have very good shape. You may use almost any kind of handbag. However, it would be much better if you can have the bag that which hits just above the waist. This is because many of you tend to have hourglass body shape so you will want to accentuate your waistline.

The above detail gives you some initial ideas on hoe to choose handbags based on your body shape. However, there are some points that you have to bare in mind that information below could not be applied to everyone as there are differences between persons

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Large Handbag
Large Handbag
Large Handbag

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