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Ladies Nike Sleeveless

what should i wear tomorrow?

i lost a bet to my girlfriend and now i gotta get tortured by her i she is a magician and she wants to let a blade swing over my belly and let it cut it also she wants to take her magical guillotine and let the blade come down and cut my belly and take a finger guillotine and to that to my feet also she is gonna tickle torture me and tattoo the bottoms of my feet please help me
btw yes im gay

also it will be 99 degrees and sunny


1. white tank
2. white nike sleeveless shirt
3. red converse sleeveless shirt
4. white/ blue sleeveless shirt
5. navy blue sleeveless shirt
6. green sleeveless shirt


1. white mesh shorts
2. light kahaki shorts
3. dark kahaki shorts
4. black mesh shorts
5. green mesh pants

1. white addidas superstar skates
2. nike darts
3. Nike Air Max
4. a/e retro joggers
4. vans slip ons

i can’t wear socks

Accessories I would like to wear atleast 3-5 things please

1.A/e Cross Necklace
2. Hot topic Tribal Necklace
3. figaro chain
4.Toe ring
5.Nike Watch
6.addidas watch
7.blue rubber bracelet
8. tribal necklace
9. herringbone chain with cross charm or nugget charm

oh yeah for fun what should i wear under my pants

1. ladies panties
2. thong
3. boxers
4. commando

what hat

1. red white uga Hat
2. navy blue hat
3. woody trucker hat

Green sleeveless shirt
Black mesh shorts
White Adidas superstar skates
Adidas watch
Blue rubber bracelet
A/e cross necklace
red white uga hat

Ladies Nike Sleeveless

Ladies Nike Sleeveless