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Inspired Womens Ladies

Inspired Womens Ladies

Women Entrepreneurs – Doing Business in a Feminine Way

Author: Kim DeYoung

Supporting entrepreneurial women is my passion. With that in mind I wrote this article for female/women entrepreneurs only, so I could focus and celebrate the feminine way of doing business. I’m eager to share with you communities that support doing business in a feminine way.

This is an important subject since women are starting businesses at nearly 3 times the rate of men. Currently there are 11million women owned businesses in the US. What’s motivating women to start their own businesses? According to a survey by Ladies Who Launch, women launch a new business for the following reasons:

  • To have more FREEDOM and CONTROL over their schedules and LIVES.
  • To pursue their PASSION and DREAMS.
  • To create REVENUE and MAKE MONEY doing what they love.

The specific motives are unique to every woman yet they reflect a pattern. Women want their business to fit in with the rest of their priorities and values in life.

The Feminine Approach to Launching a Business

Women generally rely on a more intuitive approach to starting their businesses. In order to get started, women need to feel the creative juices flowing and then have the freedom to act on their ideas. Ladies Who Launch is the first online and in-person platform to recognize and cater their program (for female/women entrepreneurs only) to the uniquely feminine approach to launching.

The feminine approach is celebrated through the Ladies Who Launch Incubator program, where you can get through the first stage of launching and find the resources you need to continue growing. As an Incubator leader in my local area, I’ve watched that the participants’ businesses truly expand and grow more quickly when they are connected to other women in their area. Click here (insert link) to learn more about Incubator programs in your area.

The Feminine Approach to Running a Business

Women tend to be collaborators and prefer not to go it alone. This can be a tremendous advantage because they’re always on the lookout for help to get their business off the ground more quickly. Most women don’t have a problem admitting that they’re not sure how to proceed and will ask for direction. Their businesses benefit as a result.

At whatever stage their business is at, entrepreneurial women are always looking for:

  • Inspiration – Women are inspired when they see and learn from other women who have great ideas, a broader, more creative perspective and who are already achieving the kind of lifestyle they visualize for themselves. Learning from other successful entrepreneurs gives women a sense of who’s doing what in business and if she can do it, I can do it!


  • Resources – Women want training and coaching from business experts on the latest business strategies. They also want advice on how to create balance and a high-quality personal life.


  • Community – Women crave a like-minded community of women for a daily dose of wisdom, support and guidance.

Women need a venue to get the inspiration, resources and sense of community they crave. A few years ago I began hosting a monthly “Great Women’s Gathering” in my home. These few joyful hours of unstructured sharing are tremendously valuable for everyone in attendance. It gives us a chance to connect, gather together and learn from one another in a completely supportive environment. Consider starting your own group as a way to reach out to women in your community.

I launched Metromom.com and created The Metromom Entrepreneurs Association for female/women entrepreneurs only. This online community helps metromoms-entrepreneurial moms in home-based businesses-find all the business support and business supporters they need to be successful. I wholeheartedly believe there’s plenty of room for every woman to shine in all that she does-and this quality of abundance is a very important way to celebrate the feminine way of doing business.

About the Author:

Kim DeYoung (aka “The Metromom”) is committed to helping moms—with entrepreneurial spirit—to be successful in all aspects of life. She provides dynamic coaching and trainings every month to help women maximize their potential at Metromom.com, an interactive community for moms in direct sales. Kim will show you how to dramatically increase sales and connect with like-minded women in her FREE CD – “The 7 Deadly Sins Women in Direct Sales Make… And How to Avoid Them.” Learn more and order your FREE CD now at www.metromom.com

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Women Entrepreneurs – Doing Business in a Feminine Way

Inspired Womens Ladies
Inspired Womens Ladies
Inspired Womens Ladies

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