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Climate Control Lycra

Climate Control Lycra

Shape Wear for All Seasons

Author: Reena Ghosh

Since its launch last year, Marena Everyday shape wear has already earned a reputation as a premium brand. Results of scientific tests prove that it outperforms other brands in its category on several key parameters. Manufactured by the US based Marena Group, world leader in post surgical compression apparel, Marena Everyday is setting the mark for body and fashion conscious customers in many countries. The company has successfully demonstrated that shape wear is for all seasons.

Marena Everyday’s all weather appeal derives from advanced fabric construction technology. Committed to customer satisfaction, the company has focused on producing garments that can be worn round the year and in any temperature zone. Everyday shape wear is manufactured from ComfortWeave, an F5 certified patent – pending fabric that is engineered to keep the body comfortable in any climate.

ComfortWeave comes with inbuilt Coolmax® moisture management technology, which enables optimal moisture absorption and balanced temperature control. Because the benefits of Coolmax® certified F5 fabrics are permanently integrated in the fibers, ComfortWeave does not need chemical treatments as powernet material does. Specially – engineered Coolmax® fibers impart enhanced breathability to the fabric. Unlike other powernet material, ComfortWeave’s permeable texture enables air to circulate freely. Powernet fabrics, on the other hand, use standard yarns, which have a lower degree of permeability.

Coolmax® technology enables the absorption of perspiration from the body to the outer surface of the garment and into the surrounding air. This provides for optimal temperature control and keeps the body dry and cool for hours together. The fabric is developed to perform even during rigorous physical activity over extended durations.

Marena’s F5 certified compression fabric is the only shape wear material that is permanently fortified against microbial growth. F5 antimicrobial protection works continuously and stays good over the useful life of the material. Thus, Everyday garments do not develop mold, mildew and foul odors. You can wear them for hours together in peak summer and feel clean and fresh.

Marena Everyday offers the customer several product lines – Everyday Shape Wear and Sleep Wear for women, Everyday Active Wear for women and men as well as Men’s Gear. All Everyday garments offer the benefits of F5 science. Whilst being strong and supportive, these garments are also light and do not burden the wearer. ComfortWeave’s permeability and light weight make it ideal for all weather wear.

If you are looking for all weather body slimming and shaping apparel, Marena Everyday has a wide range to suit different lifestyles. Everyday Shape Wear garments are so versatile and fashionable that you can wear them almost anywhere. Particularly popular are the leggings, capris and camisole. This line also includes boatneck shirts and shorts. Though these products provide high compression, which slims and shapes the body, they are comfortable and light.

The Active Wear line is geared toward exercise and sports enthusiasts. Wearers range from occasional visitors to the gym to professional sportspersons and Olympic participants. Active Wear garments are developed to enhance power and performance. They contain more Lycra than other brands on the market. Studies have revealed that a higher proportion of Lycra lowers the frequency of muscle vibration. As a result, muscles don’t tire easily and the wearer finds himself feeling more energetic and capable of longer training sessions. These high performance, physically empowering garments can be worn in any weather because they are comfortable, light and cool. Permanent anti microbial protection keeps garments clean, fresh and free from unpleasant odors. So you can wear them and work out round the year with confidence.

Everyday Sleep Wear products are also specially designed for use in any climate. They are made of the same ComfortWeave fabric. You can wear them through the night and wake up feeling cool, fresh and dry. Whether you wear the sleep leggings, sleep bra or sleep shorts, you will sleep comfortably because these garments have the capacity to absorb moisture and let air circulate close to your skin. The super soft fabric caresses your skin as it goes to work on your trouble spots. It is engineered to regulate body temperature whilst providing high compression. No wonder then that it feels so cool and comfortable. You might even forget that you have something on. So whatever the climate, you can wear your sleep shorts, bra or leggings and benefit from deep sleep even whilst ComfortWeave works hard to slim and shape your body.

Marena Everyday has developed a line of all weather performance wear exclusively for men. Called Men’s Gear, these garments are manufactured with the contemporary body and fitness conscious man in mind. Everyday Men’s Gear enables you to feel fit and comfortable as well as look great at the same time. Real body scanner results show that an Everyday garment can deliver a slimming effect up to one full size. Like all Everyday garments, these come with superior moisture management and temperature control properties.

The Men’s Gear line includes short and long sleeve shirts, tanks, exercise shorts and pants all of which are tough enough to support and move with you through the most long and arduous workouts. Yet they are so soft and light that you feel comfortable even during the most demanding training sessions. This specially constructed fabric enables your skin to breathe freely thus keeping you cool and dry throughout. Inbuilt anti microbial protection effectively prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause unpleasant odors. Your Everyday garment will keep you fresh and clean even in warm weather.

So if high performance and all weather comfort are what you’re looking for, you will soon find that Marena Everyday is the perfect choice. These top of the line shape wear garments are the result of the company’s scientific and customer focused approach. Marena continually researches and develops technologically sound solutions aimed at enhancing wearer performance and comfort. So wherever you are and whatever your routine, Marena Everyday ensures you stay cool, dry and fresh. No other shape wear product matches Everyday in performance, all weather comfort and durability.

About the Author:

Reena Ghosh, March 2009


Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Shape Wear for All Seasons

Climate Control Lycra

Climate Control Lycra