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Your Personal Diary

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Diary is a true friend. The diary is a friend that will always listen, never judge and will have no prejudice. You will get the diary next to you all time when you are really in need of someone. Diary is a way of looking inside your mind. A diary is a way of looking […]

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Introducing Your Kids to Journaling – a Good Idea

Being able to express ourselves using the hand written word is rapidly becoming a lost art. Kids are more likely to type on their laptops or send a text message if they have anything to say. But writing by hand is a whole different experience for teens: it’s a much more emotional connection with their […]

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The Benefits of Journaling

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Journaling has been with us for hundreds of years, but don’t think that makes it quaint. It is a means for excising the mind and soul. Hey, Oprah does it! What is journaling? It is the simple act of cutting out some time each day to write down pretty much whatever you like. Most people […]

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How to Keep a Personal Journal

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One of the most popular types of journal to keep is a personal one. Essentially you write about your day-to-day life and personal feelings in one of these. Often people end up simply listing everything they did during the day. This can become a bit tedious after a while; lead to one not enjoying the […]

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Keeping a Travel Journal

Traveling is a passion of mine and I believe it is to most Americans as well. I think the further away you get from a vacation the better the memory is. The bad experience at the ticket counter has left your mind, you have forgotten about that argument you got in with a family member […]

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Taking Time to Journal

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A blank journal page or computer screen can be intimidating. But this thought did not enter my head after my daughter and father-in-law died the same weekend. Journaling was the only way I could cope. It helped me cope and continued to help me when my brother died eight weeks later and when my former […]

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