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Camisole Tank Top

Camisole Tank Top

Marena Everyday Camisole

Author: Reena Ghosh

Summer is almost here and so are trendy tanks, shorts and camisoles. If you are someone who loves to don summer wear but can’t because you’re embarrassed by unsightly bulges showing here and there, take heart from the fact that Marena Everyday has the right solution for you. All those flattering tanks and camisoles are not just for those with perfectly toned bodies. Marena Everyday makes it possible for even women with not so perfect figures to look great and move with confidence and élan.

Driven by a passion to impact people’s lives in a positive way, Marena Group, world leader in post – operative compression garments, introduced Marena Everyday body shaping, slimming and energizing attire for regular non – medical use so that anyone can look, feel and perform better. As many satisfied customers have written in to say, the Everyday camisole from Marena’s Shape wear line does that beautifully. If you think your figure is too flabby for this stylish and flattering little top, wear it and see the result. You’re sure to be pleasantly surprised!

The Marena Everyday camisole comes in eight sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. So no matter what your size you will find the right fit. This is your chance to show off some skin and do so with confidence. You need no longer be conscious about those extra pounds. Real 3D body scanner tests have shown that the Everyday camisole can help a wearer drop as much as one dress size. This body hugging top not only slims and shapes your torso, it’s also wonderfully comfortable and looks really elegant. You’ll find yourself wanting to wear it everywhere. You can wear it alone or with your favorite jacket and it is available in three colors: beige, black and white.

Once you wear it, you’ll understand why the camisole has become a wardrobe must – have for thousands of women. With a high – cut back and a deep v in front, this sleek figure hugging top is so versatile that you can wear it with capris or leggings to the gym, don it beneath your blazer at work or team it with jeans for trips to the club, mall or wherever you please. It camouflages bra lines and is engineered to lift, tighten and minimize where required. The camisole provides excellent support without making you feel sore. It is manufactured from ComfortWeave, Marena’s award winning F5 certified compression fabric, which is so soft that it feels like silk next to your skin. ComfortWeave’s Coolmax® moisture absorption technology and anti bacterial protection ensure that you can wear your camisole for hours together in the heat of summer without feeling uncomfortable.

The Marena Everyday camisole comes with all the distinctive features and benefits of other Everyday shape wear. One of the reasons for Marena Everyday shape wear’s superiority relative to other brands on the market is the ComfortWeave factor. This innovative high performance compression fabric is more effective, comfortable and durable than other stretch material available today. The fabric was engineered using F5 science and incorporates the five main characteristics necessary to deliver high compression, comfort and durability. ComfortWeave is the result of years of intensive scientific development, laboratory testing and clinical analysis on the part of Marena Group.

Unlike power net fabrics, ComfortWeave has three dimensional stretch properties, which provide multidirectional support. Marena Everyday garments, thus, support every move. A high degree of elasticity ensures that even whilst compressing your body the fabric yields just a little to prevent the garment from squeezing you. This is why Marena Everyday shape wear does not leave a wearer feeling sore. ComfortWeave is simultaneously capable of high stretch and high compression whereas other stretch fabrics can provide either high stretch or compression at a time, not both at once.

Coolmax® technology makes F5 certified fabrics more comfortable than other compression material. The fabric is engineered to wick perspiration away from the skin to the outer surface of the garment and into the atmosphere. The fabric’s permeability enables air to circulate freely between your skin and the garment. This in turn ensures balanced temperature control and keeps you cool, dry and fresh over the duration of wear. So you can wear your camisole comfortably over extended periods without feeling warm and sticky.

ComfortWeave is the only compression fabric available today that has permanent inbuilt antimicrobial properties. The fabric is engineered to effectively combat bacterial growth over the functional life of the garment. This is why Everyday shape wear products do not develop bacteria, mold and foul odors. You can wear your Everyday garment confidently for hours together in warm weather without having to worry about embarrassing body odor.

Premium Lycrasoft® and Tactel® fibers, which are certified to be the best performing and softest yarns currently available, make ComfortWeave super soft and supple. The fabric is so light and soft that it wraps your body like a second skin; you might find yourself forgetting that you actually have something on. Numerous users have written in saying Everyday garments feel really good next to their skin.

ComfortWeave’s innovative interlocking design enables premium yarns to mesh together in the weave resulting in a highly resilient fabric that is capable of withstanding extreme pressure over extended periods. ComfortWeave remains intact and holds its shape despite extended wear and washing. Laboratory tests have proved that Everyday garments are more durable than other brands. Marena Everyday products have been proved to retain their elasticity even after 30 thorough washes and as many as 60, 000 flexes. Your Everyday garment is engineered to fit and compress you perfectly for a long time to come.

You’re likely to love this camisole from Marena Everyday not just because it makes your stomach look washboard flat but because it’s so comfortable and supportive. Just wear it and see and feel the difference. Its sleek look is likely to make more than a few heads turn and you’ll soon want to wear it everywhere. The Marena Everyday camisole gives you the shape, elegance and energy to breeze through summer with confidence and in style.

About the Author:

Reena Ghosh, March 2009


Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Marena Everyday Camisole

Camisole Tank Top

Camisole Tank Top

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