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Bra Top Black

Bra Top Black

Oh Thank you for the Car Bra and Great Corvette Accessories, Usa!

Author: Tim Saunier

Three weeks ago I came to the USA and for the first time I saw one of the greatest countries in our big world. First I arrived in L.A. and a few hours later in San Diego. You have to know that I am from Germany and am doing an internship here in the U.S. Ok, let’s go on. I arrived in San Diego, as I mentioned, and after a while I saw a Corvette, which was really hot. But I noticed something was different about it. Come on I come from Germany. We know stuff like this. The design was the same, the engine sounded the same, but on the front of the hood there was a black cover, which I could not identify. A couple of seconds later a friend of mine asked me what I thought about this black thing and my answer was just, “I don’t know, but it looks very hot. I want to have it, no matter what it costs”. But there were just two problems. First I didn’t know where I could buy one and secondly I had no car, not to mention a Corvette. Of course not, but I knew I had to find a way to get a Car Bra.

Meanwhile I got to know the name of this black widget, while talking to an American about cars. At this point I had to be creative to get a car in order to get a Car Bra. So I called a car rental to get a Corvette. I told them I need a car to come around and I am credible. I think the reason, why I got the car immediately, was the fact that I am German and everyone knows that we know how to treat a beautiful car. But maybe it was just the fact that I gave them 1000 bucks for 2 days (Later a guy told me that I paid 800 bucks more than I had). The first problem was solved but knows I had to buy a Car Bra. In order to find a solution for the second problem I searched in the Internet for it. Just one minute later I ordered a Car Bra for my new Corvette at a company called AutoAnything and I told them I needed it as soon as possible. Remember, I have only had my car for two days. And it worked out. A few hours later I drove my Corvette in San Diego and in font of my car I was able to enjoy my new black and trendy Car Bra.

At this time I thought I am the king of the streets and no one can touch me. It was a short illusion. Two hours after I purchased the Car bra I got a call and the guy from the car rental place told me I had to give the car back within one hour because I’m 20 years old and have no insurance for the car. This is the end of one of the craziest stories of my life. The car was taken away and the Car Bra as well because they promised if I leave the Bra at the Corvette I would get the 1000 bucks back. Of course I did it. I had to buy a new car. No Corvette for sure, but another one for a price around 1000 bucks. I just had to have an opportunity to use a Car Bra!

About the Author:

I found a lot of great Corvette Accessories online and ended up going with the Car bra.- Tim Saunier

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Oh Thank you for the Car Bra and Great Corvette Accessories, Usa!

Bra Top Black

Bra Top Black

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