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Bag Brown

Bag Brown
how to make a new leather in Lous Vuitton bag brown?

I’m a happy owner of new speedy 35 bag(it was a gift). It’s perfect and I reallylove it.
I know that after a while the leather of the bag becomes brown and not beige as it is now when the bag is almost new.
However I love the charm of old things and I want to have the leather of the bag brown instead of beige as soon as it is possible.
Can I artificially quicken the process of transformation of the leather to brown color?

Thanks a lot,

Ew NOOO, why would you want to rush that with something ARTIFICAL.

If you want to try and RUSH it along NATURALLY put your bag in the sunlight. Mind you not DIRECT sunlight but where sun will hit it and it will change a little bit faster.

Good luck!

Bag Brown
Bag Brown
Bag Brown

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