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Yoga Pilates Gym

Yoga Pilates Gym

Pilates and Pregnancy

Author: Yvonne Corilla

Continue with an exercise program can be difficult when you are pregnant, and can be completely avoided, especially during the first trimester when you may feel nausea and fatigue. An easy way to stay active with Pilates, a mind / body exercise method that strengthens the most important muscles you use during pregnancy and childbirth: the abdominals, pelvic muscles and back. It is also a great option for those days when you exercise, but you do not feel like pushing too hard.

You probably know that Pilates is the latest fashion to hit the gyms around the world, but what you may not know is that Pilates is great exercise for pregnant women. The dynamic that moves the challenge to help build muscle strength (needed for a lot of labor and delivery), flexibility and above all, good balance, something that required as pregnancy progresses. So Pilates is for you? Let’s find out!
What is Pilates?
Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1900s, has traditionally been used by professional dancers to keep your muscles flexible, strong and flexible. Joseph Pilates created a routine of movements of body-sculpture to improve posture, strengthen the abdominal muscles and the company and vice versa, without using any weights. Although the original version uses all kinds of machines for wild Modern Pilates has been adapted for us regular people and you can do with just a mat.

Yoga Pilates can remind you with its intense focus on body position, breathing and balance, but is more dynamic in that it moves through poses and movements rather than static poses and some forms of yoga. Pilates exercises are generally performed with very few repetitions, but each one is accurate, controlled and moves through several planes of movement.

Because the movements are so controlled, Pilates can be a great choice during pregnancy because it has time to adjust its posture and alignment for maximum support and challenge. You do not need special equipment, other than a rug to get a great workout, and although it is always better to take a class taught by an expert, there are books and videos available to you to do at home at the time.

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Yoga Pilates Gym

Yoga Pilates Gym

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