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Yoga Pilates Dance

Yoga Pilates Dance

These is as Far as the History of Pilates Goes

Author: Muna wa Wanjiru

Pilate’s exercises are easy and flexible. They help to improve the core strength and awareness of body and mind. The history of Pilates is discussed below;

Pilate exercise is a method of combining both Eastern and Western philosophies. The Pilates methods were conceived By Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the early 20th century. He was a German Physical trainer. When he was a child, he was suffering from asthma, rheumatic fever and rickets. He determined to overcome his illness. Hence he studied many forms of exercises. He learnt the skills of Zen, yoga and ancient Roman and Greek exercises.

With the knowledge he gained, he developed certain forms of exercises. He taught them to his internees.  In another camp during World War 1 he designed an exercise regime to cure the injured in the war. He had created exercise regime for those who were bedridden. He used special machines for the rehabilitation. History of Pilates exercises system is as follows;

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates work outs to rehabilitate bedridden soldiers in World War 1. He also [planned for Pilates equipments. Though Pilates can be done in an exercise mat, Joseph Pilates thought that Pilate’s equipments would provide more benefits. Thus the seed for Pilate’s equipments was planted during the period of First World War.

After the World War, Joseph and his wife moved to New York City and set up a studio near New York. He started teaching the exercises to top dancers. These exercises showed improvements in getting strong muscles. Martha Graham and George Balanchine were his important clients.

Joseph Pilates taught his exercise regimes to few students. Mary Bower, Robert Fitzgerald, Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry were some of them. They learnt the techniques from Joseph Pilates and then developed some new innovations in their own style. Eve Gentry brought her dance training into Pilates exercises and thereby expanding the Pilates teaching. She was one of the founders of Institute of Pilates method.

However Pilates was not a big hit until 1990. Ancient techniques like Yoga and Tai chi encouraged the resurgence of Pilate exercises. Nowadays most of the Hollywood Celebrities and athletes are praising the success of Pilate exercises.

Pilates have become the hottest fitness trends in America. It was practiced as a trademark exercises for selective people only. In the year 2000, Manhattan court declared that Pilates like Karate and yoga is an exercise method and not a trade mark. Some common myths about Pilates are as stated below;

Pilates are wonderful work outs which will help improving concentration power and body strength. However there are some myths about Pilates. The first among them is that Pilates is a derivative from yoga. Though Joseph Pilates studied yoga, Pilates is not a derivative of yoga. Pilates and yoga are not interchangeable.

Another myth is that Pilates is just a quick fix for flabby abdomens. Pilates is well known for flattening tummies. Pilates is safe and effective. It can help controlling back pain. This method can help in getting body fitness.  Pilate’s exercises are easy to practice and they are effective. Pilates will create awareness in body and mind.

About the Author:

Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Pilates for Years. For More Information on History Of Pilates, Visit His Site at History Of Pilates

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – These is as Far as the History of Pilates Goes

Yoga Pilates Dance

Yoga Pilates Dance

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