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Yoga Active Pants

Yoga Active Pants
Want an outfit?

I’m bored and I’d figure I’d make an outfit for the first seven people that respond to this! Just answer these following questions:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Personal Style
4. Favorite Color
5. Favorite Stores
6. Occasion for outfit
7. Anything else you think I should know

Okay and here’s the optional part, I figured I shouldn’t waste another question I could just squeeze it in here. Where do you think I could find some black yoga pants? Not really yoga/active pants just that material. I’m looking for a casual with a tee OR nice with a sweater pair. I got a pair from Jasmine Sola’s a year ago but they’re too small now and I’m looking for another ’cause they’re so comfy!

Uhh yah once again that last part is optional, if you don’t know then it’s fine. Try and answer if you can!
Person: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=1286155

Just so you know the “M M” on the right are earring studs (:

Sorry if it’s a little too nice my school uniform is like no jeans and stuff so I tend to have a nicer sense of style
For Tree:

I’m not sure about the details of the wedding, so I just guessed it was formal! Even if you don’t wear anything like this I hope you have a great time!

I went with the aqua because it’s such a pretty color and reminds me of summer (:
Your style was like a few of the girls before you so if you didn’t particularly like this outfit, check out some of the ones above

This is my first time doing emo! I hope I did okay 🙂 . Oh and to your comment I agree, I’m a sucker for a good pair of converse!

Just in case you had something else in mind check out the others I’ve done, some of them match your style. Have fun at the movies!

1. Sheena
2. 15
3. Anything cute (I shop at victorias secret, charlotte russe, guess, etc)
4. pink, green & black
5. already listed in 3
6. vacation/ a little get-together with friends
7. thats pretty much it 🙂

yoga pants/something like that are in victorias secret, check the site 🙂

Yoga Active Pants

Yoga Active Pants

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