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Marena Everday Shape Wear – Much Better Than a Corset

Author: Reena Ghosh

Women have long worn corsets to achieve a slim and shapely appearance. Conventional corsets, however, restrict movement and are uncomfortable; they often leave the wearer feeling sore. This is where Marena has sought to make a difference and has succeeded through scientific research and analysis in developing comfortable and high performance slimming garments for daily wear.

Marena Group is the leading manufacturer of post operative compression wear for recipients of plastic surgery procedures. Everyday Shape Wear is Marena’s solution to the quest to look slim and shapely without surgery or painfully uncomfortable corsets. The company uses body scanner results to support its claim of achieving a slimming effect equivalent to a full dress size. As results show, the garments compress waist, hips and thighs, thereby enabling the wearer to drop as much as a full size.

This comfortable and significant slimming effect is the result of F5 science, a novel breakthrough in textile technology. F5 science combines high – tech design, equipment and fibers to develop superior fabric suited for therapeutic and cosmetic use. Compression garments manufactured from F5 certified fabric are the preferred choice of medical practitioners as well as patients because they are more comfortable than other alternatives. Developed with the wearer’s neurophysiology in mind, this cutting edge fabric feels good next to the skin and facilitates healing. Marena’s patent pending fabric is comfortable enough to enable patients to tolerate high compression wear round the clock over the prescribed post operative period.

The Everyday Shape Wear range incorporates certain distinctive features, which make it a market leader in this category. Unlike other stretch wear with one or two dimensional stretch capacities, Everyday Shape Wear offers three dimensional stretch. Thus, these garments provide superior supportive compression without making the wearer uncomfortable. Shape Wear products feel as soft as silk next to the skin due to a combination of Lycrasoft spandex and Tactel nylon fibers. They are also more durable than other brands and retain their shape and supportive capacity beyond that achieved by other names in this category. All Shape Wear products come with ComfortWeave’s inbuilt Coolmax® moisture absorption system and permanent anti microbial properties.

These features deliver significant benefits to the wearer. Superior compression enables the user to achieve a slimming effect equivalent to one full size. The fabric enhances the wearer’s energy levels through improved lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Cellulite does not show up as prominently. The fabric wicks perspiration away from the skin to the outer layer of the garment and into the air. The wearer feels fresh and clean throughout the duration of her workout.

Unlike conventional corsets, Marena Everyday Shape Wear does not squeeze your body. The fabric’s three dimensional stretch provides multi directional support to the body. Its highly elastic texture enables comfortable compression by yielding a little when it is pulled to fit the wearer like a second skin; it does not constrict in the way girdles do. The fabric has superior compression and stretch capacities.

Marena’s F5 certified fabric effectively addresses cellulite related problems. Poor lymph circulation causes fibers to thicken, which in turn bind with collagen fibers to form thick strands. These fibrous strands push against fat, causing unsightly bulges that make the skin resemble cottage cheese. This compression fabric supports lymphatic drainage, which results in a more even skin tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Marena claims that the Lycra content in its Everyday Shape Wear enhances the wearer’s performance by an average of 12% for men and roughly 30% in the case of women. Improved performance and power are possible because the fabric is designed to reduce muscle vibration. Increased vibration causes muscles to tire easily.

All Marena Everyday Shape Wear products use Coolmax® technology to maximize moisture management and enable the best possible temperature control by absorbing perspiration from the wearer’s skin. The fabric incorporates permanent anti microbial protection, which prevents the garments from developing foul odors. Thus, even very active wearers need not worry about unpleasant body odor.

Invista’s Tactel and Lycrasoft fibers in the fabric enable Marena Everyday Shape Wear garments to fit the wearer like a second skin. Tests have proved that a Marena Everyday Shape wear garment is capable of retaining its shape beyond 30 rigorous washes and 60, 000 flexes. The fabric is designed so that premium yarns interlock in the weave creating a resilient texture that remains intact despite intensive pressure. Laboratory tests show that F5 fabric is more durable than powernet fabrics, which many other compression garment manufacturers use.

Marena Everyday Shape Wear collection includes capris, leggings, camisoles, boatneck shirts and shorts. Prices and sizes can be found on their website, www.marenaeveryday.com. Their fashionable leggings are popular because they look sleek and are comfortable as well. You can wear these to most occasions and with just about any outfit. Wear them with a tank to the gym or pair them with a mini, a baggy knit top or anything that suits you to achieve that chic and trim appearance.

For elegance, support and comfort try the Marena Everyday camisole. It teams well with practically anything and its body hugging design makes the wearer appear sleek and shapely. With jeans, beneath your blazer or with warm – ups, the camisole is very flattering and provides just the right support. Antimicrobial protection and the Coolmax® moisture management capability ensure that you feel dry and fresh even if you wear it over long durations.

Women love Everyday featherbone capris for their functionality and looks. These capris are very versatile and go well with minis, dresses and fashionable tops. The Lycrasoft and Tactel fibers in the fabric enable a perfect fit and offer superior shape and support for your legs whatever you do.

The dignified and very feminine boatneck is another Shape Wear product that has found its way into many women’s wardrobes. Wearers love it for the way it flatters the torso and for its dainty design. Elbow length sleeves make it ideal for wearing alone or with another layer. The fabric’s multi directional stretch supports and compresses your body comfortably.

Everyday featherbone shorts are great for working out. You have to wear them to know how comfortable they are and they fit like a second skin. They support your muscles and flex smoothly with every move. Wearing these compression shorts can help you fit easily into skirts, dresses or pants that are one size smaller than your normal size. So you look great and feel more energetic at the same time.

If you are looking for slimming and body sculpting apparel, Marena Everyday shape wear is an ideal choice. Designed to slim, shape and energize you as well as to improve skin tone, Everyday shape wear is sure to make you look and feel better.

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Workout Camisole Tank

Workout Camisole Tank