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Womens Tennis Gym

Womens Tennis Gym

Tips For Buying The Perfect Tennis Shoes

Author: Roberto Sedycias

Tennis shoes which are also called as athletic shoes or gym shoes are designed primarily for strenuous and sporting activities. Tennis shoes are also known in different names in different parts of the world like trainers in U.K., runner shoes in Canada, sandshoes in Australia.

These shoes are used extensively in sports like tennis, running, jumping and basketball. Tennis shoes are made up of very flexible material and rubber sole are used to give ultimate comfort. Costly and branded tennis shoes are available in different shapes for different types of users. Moreover, you can still opt for custom made tennis shoes in case you are not able to find your right shoe size or shape. Shoe manufacturers have always tried to make suitable changes keeping in view of the changing time and the choice of users.

Choosing a right pair of tennis shoes can be a tricky affair. However with right guidance as described below, the job of choosing perfect tennis shoes will be a lot easier.

* Do not go in only for brand names and looks. Looks do not matter as long as the shoe serves your purpose and though brand name has some worth, they should not be the sole criterion to choose a tennis shoe. You should give more consideration to its functionality.

* Choose tennis shoes according to your foot type. The foot should fit comfortably without any stretching.

* Many people overlook to check the robustness of the heel box. A heel box is the part of the tennis shoes that covers the heel of your feet and keeps your feet in control while playing. Ideally the heel box should be made of leather with some rubber or plastic as support. To see the resistance of your heel box, you can try squeezing or bending it over.

* For sports persons, it is a good idea to take your doctor`s and coach s suggestions while buying tennis shoes.

* Flexibility is an important aspect to look at while choosing tennis shoes. The ideal shoes should bend easily. In addition, tennis shoes should have cushioning and shock absorption quality. It helps while playing tennis on hard courts.

* Watch out for the air max unit in the heel area of your tennis shoes. The air max unit provides great protection to your feet especially on hard court surface.

* Checking the outsole and toe guard of the tennis shoes is important as they ensure durability of the shoes.

* The upper part of the shoes covers the fore and mid foot and saves you from any unforeseen injury. Hence ultimate care should be given to see if your feet fit comfortably in the upper region.

* It is a good idea to replace your worn out tennis shoes with a new one to save you from unwanted injuries.

Many popular brands today manufacture tennis shoes customised to men`s and women`s category. Because of their difference in physique, women sports players need shoes with extra comfort and cushioning and sports manufactures make shoes exclusively meant for women tennis players.

Also for different surfaces, different types of tennis shoes are available. Like the structural and material design of them meant for playing on clay court surface are different than that of shoes meant for playing on hard court surface. Sports companies also hire top tennis and other sports persons to merchandise their products. However, comfort rather than brand should be the first priority while buying tennis shoes.

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Womens Tennis Gym

Womens Tennis Gym

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