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Womens Tank Top

Womens Tank Top

Women And Their Tank Tops

Author: Mary Lorainne

Tanks tops are a popular staple in any woman’s closet. In fact, you can see kids and even teenagers sporting them around in funky designs and with fancy embellishments. These tank tops are great for the hot summer weather because they are very comfortable and very light to wear. You will find tank tops in various designs and styles and in varying sizes, so almost everybody could practically wear them. Though these were designed originally to be worn as an undergarment, you will find that many women are sporting them as tops. You now find them in a variety of colors to choose from although the classic white round neck tank top remains to be what is popular because it is very easy to mix and match with other outfits.

Tank tops are tops that do not have sleeves and they usually have straps that may measure in an inch or two. There are also those tops that have very thin straps called spaghetti straps which are quite popular among the females. You can also find tank tops in round necks and even those with sporty razorback designs. Some are even designed with built in bras.

The great thing about these tank tops is their versatility. They are most popularly worn on a hot summer day. You can wear them to work as a top by itself (if allowed in the workplace) or as an undergarment covered with a blazer and paired off with slacks. You can use them while taking a jog or working out at the gym. You can pair it off with a flowing skirt accented with accessories and high heels and you are ready to attend a casual party.

There is no limit to what you could pair off with these tank tops from jeans, shorts, skirts, denim, slacks, skorts, leggings, capris, sweat pants and a whole lot more. Popular as a beach wear are suits called tankinis which is a tank top paired with a bikini bottom. You have tanks that come in a two-tone design of contrasting colors. Popular nowadays are those with embellishments like rhinestone, beads and sequins. All you need to do is mix and match with whatever you have in your closet to obtain different looks from casual, to formal and even sporty.

When you do buy a tank top, always check as to whether your top will shrink. Most tank tops would shrink one size after being machine washed.

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Womens Tank Top

Womens Tank Top

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