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Womens Nike Workout

Womens Nike Workout

Watches For Modern Sporty Women

Author: David H. Urmann

Women should know the basic guidelines for choosing the best GPS watches to use before buying one. The features of the best GPS watches for women available in the market should also be primarily identified.

Several GPS watches for women are designed to provide comfort and meet the demands of the user. Aside from giving the benefits of Global Positioning Systems, it has emerged to be particularly useful for women who are always on the go. Most of the GPS watches for women are designed for sports activities like hiking, trailing, running and fitness. However, some women want GPS watches intended for non-sporty women, while others continue to search for GPS watches perfect for non-sporty men and women alike.

Here are a few guidelines to choose the best GPS watches for women:

Generally, it has to be:

•Waterproof or water-resistant up to 100m
•Highly readable via a large display
•With an altimeter or can record height elevation
•Bundled with a barometer or can provide info on the temperature and forecast weather
•With a digital compass
•Bundled with route planning thru personal computers
•Capable of measuring speed
•Capable of measuring distance
•Scratch resistant
•Comfortable or ergonomically wrist-hugging
•Integrated with easy to push buttons
•Equipped with alarms, timers, calendar, stopwatch
•Incorporated with long battery life
•Bbundled with USB rechargeable features and full factory warranty

Specifically, if the woman is a competitive runner or one who trains to run, she would need the following features:

•Sufficient lap memory
•Virtual trainer allows user to meet training goals
•Virtual competitor/runner allows user to race
•Heart rate monitor

Other wise if she is a casual runner, aspiring to do it for fitness purposes:

•Calorie burnt measure or consumption

Today, women are provided with technology that allows them to be busy even while on the road. As one tech tool officer quoted, women are buying all these gadgets because these devices are functional. Also quoted that, almost half of the customer’s of GPS gadgets are women. Several GPS watch dealers include Casio, Garmin, Nike, Magellan, Timex, Silva and Suunto. Other features include MP3 players, compatibility with web maps, and multi window displays.

•Silva Tech4o Accelerator Women’s Runner Pedometer Watch

It records speed, distance and calorie burned less the foot pod. It also includes dual time zones, daily timer and back light. It is showcased with a pink colored wristwatch, tight enough to motivate running or walking. It counts steps with a pedometer function.

•Silva Tech4o Accelerator Women’s Hiker Pedometer Watch

It records speed and distance performance on trail. Similar to the abovementioned it also includes daily timer, backlight and pedometer function.

•Silva Tech4o Accelerator Women’s Trail Runner Pedometer Watch

Compared to the hiker series, it has an enhanced accelerometer and can be used in and outdoors. It is also equipped with a highly accurate pedometer, personal profile, chronograph and alternating time zone functions.

•SUUNTO Women’s Lumi Sportif Wristop Computer Watch

This watch is designed for versatile outdoor use. It has a memory log of all the outdoor activities. It also includes a 4 language function: Spanish, French, German and English. It is customizable to different colors and worn as purse accessory. The strap is made of elastomer perfect for women’s size.

•TIMEX Women’s Ironman Triathlon Sleek 50-Lap Watch, Navy Blue

This watch is slim and sleek designed for women. It has a memory of 50 laps and a 100 hour chronograph. It stores training workouts with dual time zones. It has night mode function and a night light. It weighs .9oz and strap is made of resin.

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Womens Nike Workout

Womens Nike Workout

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