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Womens Gym Tennis

Womens Gym Tennis

Gym Ettiquette 101: Manners Every Gym Goer Must Know

Author: Taylor Ryan

Have you ever been trying to mind your own business and then have somebody beside you yapping on their cell phone telling their spouse what to fix for dinner? I hate this! The gym is for working out and how serious can a person be if they are able to hold a conversation throughout the entire workout? And unless you are a master of tuning people out it can be very disturbing to your own workout.

This is just one pet peeve. Listed below is the etiquette all gym goers need to master. They are not listed in any particular order all are quite annoying and if you are guilty of some of the no-nos it is ok but try and fix it for those around you.

1. Ditch the cell- phone time should be done during the drive to and from the gym.

2. SMELLS: Too little, too much- ALWAYS remember deodorant. You do not want to have people move to another machine because of bad BO. The same is true for too much scent. Leave the perfume for going out after the gym.

3. Wear proper clothing- My rule is that if you feel uncomfortable in your gym attire then you look uncomfortable. Wear clothes that are gym appropriate and that fit (no bellies showing). Sneakers, shorts, sports bras and tanks/t-shirts are a must. Remember those great leotards from the 80s and 90s- leave them in the 80s and 90s!

4. Do not be sneaky- Most gyms are members only- therefore if you are not a member or your trial period has run up and you have not signed up, do not try to sneak in; it is unfair and dishonest. The same goes for trying to get friends and family in unnoticed.

5. Leave the grunting for tennis players!- Ever notice the big lifters grunt as if they might pass out? It reminds me of a girls tennis match- only its huge men. Then they have to make it known they succeeded by throwing their 200lb weights on the ground. This is not respecting the others around you and it brings unnecessary attention to yourself.

4. Do not expect others to spot you- if you go to the gym alone and lift so much weight you need a spot, the do not lift it! Others go to the gym for their own workout and it is not fair for them to get called into your workout. Bring a workout partner for you to spot each other.

5. For sweat and germ purposes wipe down benches and machines after use- its polite.

6. Do not stand next to a machine waiting for the person on it to finish this rushes them, makes them feel uncomfortable, and they may be at risk of injury trying to hurry it along for you

7. When you get free weights, back away from the weight stand to make room for others. Sometimes it feels like a can of sardines around the weights. Free up the area and others will follow your example.

8. If changing at the gym, put your sports bra on either in the restroom stall, changing room, or over your normal bra and do the pull through the sleeve method to get your normal bra off. Keep in mind that even if you are comfortable showing off your body some women are not.

About the Author:

Taylor Ryan is a personal trainer dedicated to educating women to get the best body they can get. Her company TotalTonedWomensClub stresses the importance of weight training as a method to get the toned and strong body they want. Check out http://www.totaltonedwomensclub.com for more.

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Womens Gym Tennis

Womens Gym Tennis

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