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Womens Golf White

Womens Golf White

Golf Clothing – Gloves and Gucci

Author: Duncan White

It seems everything from golf clothing from the sweaters down to the gloves have had the designer touch.

Golf gloves and fashion

Thanks to the likes of Catherine Zeta Jones, golf clothing and even humble golf gloves have been targeted by major fashion designers. Film stars and celebrities, especially the women like Heather Locklear and Cameron Diaz, have all made ordinary items like golf gloves and other clothing for the game, desirable gifts for women of all ages.

Jewel-encrusted golf gloves

Check out the must-buy lists in any glossy magazine, and chances are you’ll come across designer golf gloves or clothing that have graced the hands of the likes of Jones and Diaz. There are now designer leather golf gloves, hand-beaded with a rainbow of Swarovski crystals, 14k gold and sterling silver. Whether or not it will improve your golf swing is another matter. Perhaps it is inevitable that where celebrities go, designer goods will follow.

Rich sports’

Golf, alongside skiing and tennis are the new rich sports’ according to the editorial director of the lifestyle bible, Wallpaper. Now, so much of the game is about how you look in your golf clothing and whose designer gloves you wear, that he’s even launched a new magazine that isn’t interested in golf per sae but in the golf clothing, accessories, equipment and gloves the lifestyle and the glamorous locations that go with the sport.

Designer golf gloves

Well known designers such as Gucci and Prada have all jumped on the golf bandwagon and have designer label golf gloves that will cost you the earth, as well as other golf clothing and accessories including tee bags and visors. It’s thought that the brands are cashing in on the rich-sport craze, kicked off by the huge amount of celebrity golfers from the old school like Sean Connery right up to snake-hips Justin Timberlake.

Golf clothing is cool

Sports that used to be unfashionable are now cool. There was a time the only golf clothing about was polyester with grandpa-sweaters and flared trousers, and you wouldn’t be caught dead in it not even wearing golf gloves. But now thanks to the likes of Tiger Woods and the celebrity golfers, the game has become a younger pastime, hence the fact designers are queuing up to launch their own ranges of golf clothes, including jewel-encrusted golf gloves.

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Womens Golf White

Womens Golf White

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