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Womens Golf Top

Womens Golf Top

A League Apart- Womens Golf Clubs

Author: Robert Riles

These days, women do everything a man can, including playing certain sports that was once upon a time male dominated. This refers to the sport of golf, which off late has been seeing an increase in number of women players. However, there are some aspects which are different between men and women playing golf. Womens golf clubs are a bit apart from that of their male counterparts, and this is just to help them play the game comfortably. The golf clubs that men use are heavier and much more sharper bent than that of women. The main points of difference between the clubs used by either gender is that women’s clubs are much more flexible and easy to handle. Men’s clubs are stiff as a result of which they need to swing it harder.

Also, the grip on men’s clubs are bigger, unlike that of the women, where it is thinner. The weight of the women’s clubs is lighter than men, to allow them to hit well, and increasing the speed of the shot. The ladies drivers are about 12 degrees, whereas in men’s clubs it is about 9 or 11 maximum. This helps the ladies get the ball higher into the air, and moves it faster as well. There are some women who prefer playing using clubs similar to men’s, as they would have tried the lighter ones and found them not very helpful. It does depend on the person, but women sure have more options than men while choosing golf clubs.

Unlike in other sports, where the bat or racket used is same size as that of men’s, here the golf clubs are about half an inch shorter than the ones used by men. This is because study had been conducted and found that the women who have been playing golf are shorter than their male counterparts and need clubs that allows them to bend and hit easily. This is similar to the shoe sizes found across the world, where it is believed that women have smaller feet than men. The women’s clubs are made with either wood, iron or for short game, each depending on the kind of games played by them. Wood is the most commonly preferred, because not only is it lighter, but the women get better boost while hitting the ball. They carry either a 3wood, 5 or 7wood in their golf bag. If they are going to be playing regularly, it is best to pick up clubs set instead of one or two drivers alone. This way, they too can carry their golf clubs while going on holidays and play with their partner.

There are websites and companies that create customized womens golf clubs, just so more women come forward to give this game a shot. There are some who would have tried playing, but would have used their male friend or spouses clubs, which would have been heavier, making it difficult, nearly impossible to swing and hit the ball off the Tee.

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Womens Golf Top

Womens Golf Top

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