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6,000 Women Have Their Say About Men

Author: Dan Powers

In an ongoing effort to truly understand the ‘psyche’ of modern women, an Australian dating company has been conducting real-life, interactive research since early 2004.

So far, the researchers have met, spoken and flirted with over 6,000 women from all across Australia.

The findings present the most cutting-edge insights into modern women and the dating scene.

The following results are of women aged 18 to 45, from all nationalities, professions and physical appearances.

What Do Women Want?

In many cases, women initially said “…tall, dark & handsome ” when we asked, “What do you want in a man?”

However, with a little probing – almost all women said that looks really aren’t that important when it comes to choosing a potential boyfriend.

But, what does “Looks really aren’t that important” mean?

It means that if a guy is confident, has a good sense of humour and is genuine – most women will give him a chance.

The problem is that most guys refuse to believe it, despite the evidence that we all see everyday, in every country of the world.

That is: Guys of all shapes, sizes, ages and races are dating beautiful women.

What a guy simply needs to do is learn how to be attractive to women.

Following are the top 10 traits that women want in men, listed in order of most preferred by the 6,000+ women we’ve met so far.


95% of women said that confidence was most important. More information can be found here: http://www.themodernman.com/modernmanresearch.html


90% of women said that they love a guy who could make them laugh, or who has a great sense of humour.


This was another big one, with 82% of women searching for a guy who is genuine.

This can be a double-edged sword, if guys interpret to mean ‘being a nice guy’.

In an attempt to do the right thing, a lot of men will often go out of their way, again and again, to prove how genuine or nice they are.

Examples include: Doing anything and everything to appease a woman, expressing feelings too much and too often, “Just in case she thinks I’m not interested!”

The key is to be genuine, without trying to be a perfect knight in shining armor. A few chinks in your armour is normal, human…and charming.


The old, “I just want a real man” popped up 72% of the time.


This was an interesting find, but makes a lot of sense.

70% of women agree that if a guy can’t make confident, fun and interesting conversation, then he’ll generally be overlooked or considered as boring.


According to 59% of women, a sense of style is also important.


As mentioned earlier, the old “Tall, dark and handsome” answer was often given when asked about this. Yet, upon further questioning only 32% of women said that looks were somewhat important.

Even so, you have to remember that what one woman considers physically attractive varies from one to the next.

A lot of guys drag themselves down if they don’t have a ‘male model look.’ But, the reality is that only about 10% of guys actually have a ‘male model look’…if that.

If women were only attracted to male models, then there’d be a lot of lonely women out there…or a lot of harems run by very lucky men.

But, that’s NOT the way this world works.

Nor is it the way ATTRACTION between men and works.

The next time you’re out in public, just take a look at all the ‘ordinary-looking’ guys who are dating beautiful women.

THAT is real life.

Looks are NOT the most important thing to women, even if you don’t want to believe it.

What is most important to a woman is how a guy makes her FEEL by way of his personality, behaviours and actions.


11% of women raised this point and it makes sense.

Only during the last few decades have women in Westerm societies been able to become financially independent.

Prior to that, women were always attracted to guys who could provide a more secure environment for the potential offspring.

These days, women can survive and prosper without the financial support of a man.


Only 8% of women said that they prefered guys with muscles.

While there’s no denying that fit bodies are attractive. However, as you see by looking around – women love men of all shapes and sizes.

Again, despite the huge evidence of this everywhere, most guys just don’t want to believe it.


About 3% of women raised this as an attractive quality.

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Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – 6,000 Women Have Their Say About Men

Womens Fitness Armour

Womens Fitness Armour

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