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Womens Athletic Running

Womens Athletic Running
I am looking for womens light up athletic shoes for mid evening running. Does anyone know where to get them?

This is a safety issue where I live out in the country. I know they used to make them a while back, but I can’t find them any longer. Know where to get some? Thanks.

The only light up shoes I’ve ever seen are those for little kids.

If you are concerned about visibility, almost every pair of shoes has a little bit of reflective fabric on on. However, this (or lights) are down close to the road and don’t provide much in the way of safety.

I would suggest getting a reflective vest or jacket, as well as some clip on blinking lights. Here are a few good products:


You can also consider wearing a headlamp or carrying a flashlight while running.

Womens Athletic Running

Womens Athletic Running

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