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Womens Adidas Golf

Womens Adidas Golf

Golf Clothing – A Beginner’s Guide To New Golfer

Author: David Potts

When selecting a new item of golf clothing you should always take into consideration the dress code or restrictions of your local golf club or course. A more obvious but sometimes overlooked factor is the expected weather conditions across the duration of the game – from a quick nine holes to a full-blown 4-day golf tournament. It is vital to remain comfortable throughout the duration of the game to maintain a consistent performance. Golf clothing should be light and comfortable with enough room to move comfortably during play. A slightly vainer factor to take into account is how you look to your contemporaries and other players on the course – if you look good, you’ll feel good and that will increase your confidence and performance on the day.

Standard lines of golf clothing include trousers/shorts, shirts, sweaters, fleeces, waterproof suits and suitable headwear. The addition of high performance membrane-based materials like GolfTex by Palm Springs offer exceptional levels of breathability and lightness, with the additional benefit of longevity and the ability to dry quickly in the event of a light shower; whilst the build-up of sweat in warmer conditions can be easily prevented by wicking moisture away from the skin. Golf fashion still maintains the overriding factor in the latest designs and styles of golf clothing; in recent years the influence of other brands such as Nike and Adidas has lead to the incorporation of sporting elements in golf clothing to enhance the player’s performance on the course.

Breathable Waterproof Suits

Offering exceptional levels of waterproofing and breathability these suits are designed to protect the entire body from the shoulders down from the bracing elements associated with playing golf in the United Kingdom. This item of golf clothes is lightweight and can therefore be easily stored in one of the many pockets found on the majority of today’s golf bags. The waterproof membrane used in most breathable suits is designed to repel water droplets – allowing the material to dry quickly between showers.

Golf Sweaters

A golf sweater is highly recommended in case of sudden weather changes to provide extra warmth and protection against the wind.  Golf equipment sweaters are available in a variety of materials and in a variety of styles including full length or polo-necked.

Golf Shirt

Most golf course dress codes require players to wear a collared shirt. Tennis shirts and button down shirts are usually acceptable, but most players opt for a cotton or micro-fibre polo shirt. Golf polo shirts can be just a simple top, or it can come with new material technologies designed to keep you cool and fit perfectly through each moment of your game.

Golf Trousers

While most clubs permit men to wear tailored golf shorts, you should check to see whether only trousers are allowed. Women’s golf dress codes usually allow for knee-length shorts or skirts.

Golf Headwear

No matter what the weather is doing or is forecast to do, some form of golf head gear is recommended. A wide brimmed hat is usually the most versatile option, providing sun protection on clear days as well as cover from rainfall during wet weather.

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David Potts with The Sports HQ provides you best information to choosing left handed golf clubs.

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Womens Adidas Golf

Womens Adidas Golf

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