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Women Heat Gear

Women Heat Gear
Best gear for winter motorcycling?

Looking for some women’s gear for cold weather. Not rain or snow, I live in Northern California. I’ve got a textile jacket and pants. I know I need to get gloves with longer gauntlets and a balaclava. Will a nice thick leather jacket and pants with layers be warmer than my textiles with layers? Please any suggestions on the style and brand would be great. I don’t want heated gear, but any other suggestions for winter riding gear would be great too. Thanks

I live in Northern California too!

First of all it helps to have a fairing or at least a windshield. That’s half the battle right there.

I have a leather jacket and I put a sweater on under it. The sweater traps a layer of warm air and I am very comfortable. A fabric jacket could be just as good, but if the air comes through it, then you need a windbreaker or something over the sweater, perhaps inside the jacket. (Some ‘mesh’ jackets for Summer riding have a removable liner. With the liner and the sweater they are quite warm!) Plus heavy Winter gloves.

In California I find it’s best to do layers, especially in Winter. Riding from the East Bay to the coast, or over mountains, you go from warm to freezing, back to warm again. So if I take off for a long day-trip I carry all my layers and change as appropriate. My leather jacket, my mesh jacket, the liner for the mesh jacket, the sweater, and two pair of gloves, Summer and Winter gloves. Then I’m ready for anything.

I have some thick socks (for backpacking I think) but I don’t use them because I don’t really need them.

A trick I learned in cross-country skiing years ago, if your hands and feet are cold, put another layer on your torso. If your hands and feet are cold it means that your whole body is cold, you only feel it first in the hands and feet.

Women Heat Gear

Women Heat Gear

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