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Women Dri Fit

Women Dri Fit
Jersey Choices…What are your pros and cons for different materials/ fit/ cuts?

My team is selecting new jerseys. We are a women’s club team in the south (South Carolina, USA). our challenges include finding a jersey with proper fit that will keep us as cool as possible in the heat/ humidity. Tight enough to avoid shirt tackles, yet large enough for large players. I think the size differences in women’s club teams are much more than in men’s teams. we’ve got little hookers that are shorter than 5′ and teeny tiny and large and tall locks and props. the tallest is 6’0 and needs XL for DD’s! we’re a true… “from size 2 to 22” club. The goal is to find soemthing that will last and fit a variety of players. I’d appreciate any suggestions on versatile fabrics and if you have experience with dri-fit vs, cotton or any other new technology material. if you have a suggested company or any further info, that would be great too. thanks!

You can try Barbarian. The High School that I coach get’s their jersey’s from them and we haven’t had a problem with them. You can order them in team bulk or have players buy their own individually through the online store although they have outlets in Canada, USA and Europe although I think the closest store to SC is in Maryland (my US geography is not good).

They have the pro-fit nylon feeling ones and the more traditional cotton feeling ones as well. I find the older ones are a bit more durable BUT because they stretch and get pulled more, they get more abuse so the life expectancy is pretty similar. The pro-fit jerseys help take moisture away from the body, which allows you to keep cooler and perform better, but it’s not like it is extremely noticeable when you are playing.

The biggest pro, in my opinion, for the pro fit jerseys are in the rain or on wet fields. It can really feel like you’re carrying 20 extra pounds when the old jerseys get saturated.

Barbarian have sizes S-XXXL so you should be fine BUT you may have to order jersey’s one size bigger than what you’d normally wear. I dont know if they shrink a little or if their sizing is a bit different but everyone needed a size bigger on our team.

You can order from their stock catalogue which has a ton of designs and colours and they are the cheaper option. Alternatively you can use the “Shirt Builder” and pick a design and your own colours. I think the pro-fit jersey’s are only available through the shirt builder option… but I am not sure because we wouldn’t spend the extra money on our High School boy’s.

I have no idea about the availability of the newest jersey’s out from Canterbury. They are supposedly particle charged and actually help your body at a chemical/physical level. I’d imagine the price of those are well beyond your average club team.

You may also want to take the cost/ease of replacement jersey’s into consideration before you commit to one option. I think the shirt builder option requires a minimum order but I can’t remember since we ordered our jersey’s about 4 years ago and they are still going strong…. although a couple are red and pink now instead of red and white, but I think that was more the boy’s fault!

Oh yeah, they also have the reinforced lineout jumpers shorts and socks etc available.

Women Dri Fit

Women Dri Fit